We’ve all done it. Or rather, we’ve all tried it.

Tried what, you may ask? Doing it yourself, that’s what! Whether its installing new roofing shingles or fixing a leaky pipe, we’ve all attempted to tackle home repairs and projects the DIY way. Sometimes we nail it on the first try, but other times we make big mistakes that lead to anger, frustration, and another trip to the hardware store.

But all those mishaps are in the past. This time you can start fresh by reading our DIY home improvement guide, a handy guide to remodeling, remaking, and repairing your home the right way. A quick peek is all you need to know how to bypass the sort of blunders that can lead to this:


Infrogmation, “Creole Cottage,” licensed under CC by 3.0.

Or whatever happened here:


Infrogmation, “Collapsed House,” licensed under CC by 2.5.

Every aspect of home improvement is covered including construction, roofing, plumbing, electrical, flooring, painting, and landscaping. If it involves a hammer, a wrench, or a special tool you’ve never used before, odds are we have a list of mistakes for you to peruse.

You’ll also find the answers to some of the toughest questions in the DIY sphere, such as:

“Should I hang my drywall horizontally?”

Answer: Almost always yes.

Almost always yes. It saves time and material.

“How do I know if this wire is live?”

Aside from poking it, you can use a fluke pen to detect the current. Dmitry G, “Wireless Tester,” licensed under CC by 3.0.

“Is this normal?”


Our guide has the answers to all these questions and more. You’ll also find top tips from distinguished DIYers and home improvement professionals covering the entire gamut of trades and specialties, arming you with the knowledge you need to make your perfect home just a little more perfect. If you’re about to take the plunge on a home improvement project, or simply need to snake a drain, learn from the mistakes that others have made with our guide to DIY home improvement!