The attack on the Boston Marathon was truly a tragedy and left much of the world baffled. Many people began searching for answers in a variety of places including the Internet, which may have led to the swift apprehension of the primary individuals suspected to be responsible for the bombings. Technology obviously has a tremendous impact how crimes are solved in present day but it was a practice of waste removal that has ancient roots, which has provided more evidence in this situation.

It was apparent to law enforcement officials that the bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, had some help clearing his dorm room of evidence at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. After the FBI began to focus its efforts on certain known associates, it became apparent that these compliances removed a backpack, laptop and possible other incriminating items from his dorm room and disposed them. Further investigation led law enforcement to suspecting the items were placed a nearby Boston area dumpster.

Unfortunately Boston waste removal was efficient and by the time law enforcement reached the dumpster, it was clear of any materials. Even though the dumpster was free of any waste, government officials traced the trash to the Crapo Hill landfill in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Soon after began a full-fledged search of the 39-acre landfill, which handles over 100,000 tons of solid waste every year.

Despite the landfills being capped on a daily basis, the hardworking law enforcement officials were able to recover some items that will hopefully lead to the prosecution of these questionable individuals. Amidst tons of trash Tzarnaev’s backpack was found inside a black garbage bag. Within the backpack were multiple fireworks that were emptied of all of their gunpowder. Authorities believe that this same gunpowder was use to create the bombs in the deadly attack.

There was no other potential evidence that was found at the landfill but the items that were found should be sufficient. It is discouraging that individuals would use waste removal for negative gains but the current efficiency of Boston’s trash removal allowed government officials to prevail. Hopefully the items that were found lead to a swift prosecution of those responsible for the attack at the Boston Marathon.