Today is April 22, you know what that means?

That’s right, Earth Day!

Earth Day has been celebrated on this date every year since 1970, which marked the beginning of the environmental movement. And still to this day – 46 years later – the movement continues to “inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action.”

Not just today, but every day.

Earth Day isn’t just a one-day phenomenon, it’s a long-term commitment towards appreciation and conversation of the environment. Much like Budget Dumpster, which continuously donates dumpsters to organizations nationwide to aid in their community cleanups.

This past year was no exception.

We provided dumpsters for over a dozen community cleanups in our own neighborhood and across the country, helping nonprofits and volunteer groups create a better environment for their neighbors and the planet. Here’s a look at just a few of the organizations who put their donated dumpster to work to dispose of litter and debris responsibly.

Detroit Shoreway Community Development 

A small vacant lot in the Gordon Square/Detroit Shoreway District of Cleveland, OH was transformed into the EcoVillage Gateway, a neighborhood park that now serves as a literal gateway to one of the greenest neighborhoods in the city. Our dumpster was used for the removal of yard waste, litter, and refuse from the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Opening ceremony at the Madison Ave EcoVillage Gateway.

Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope

NOAH teamed up with us last summer to clean up Pattison Park, the second-largest park in East Cleveland where a half demolished school once rested. Our dumpster donation helped in the disposal of all the overgrown vegetation that was engulfing the park’s amenities, including a pavilion, stage, and tennis courts.


Members of NOAH cleaning up Pattison Park last summer.

Trash Bash 2016

Earlier this month, we donated a dumpster to the 23rd annual Trash Bash, a half-day event and the largest single day waterway cleanup event in the state of Texas. Our dumpster helped with the disposal of trash, recyclable materials, and old tires in continuing Trash Bash’s mission to clean up and promote a healthy Galveston Bay Watershed.


Volunteers gather along a Texas waterway to do their part in cleaning up the environment.

Ohio City Incorporated

OCI, a community development corporation aimed at making Ohio City a vibrant and livable community, received a dumpster last April in wake of its annual Spring Cleanup event. Our dumpster donation assisted community members with various cleanup projects around Ohio City, removing litter and illegally dumped items from one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Cleveland area.


St Clair Superior Development Corporation

The SCSDC serves the many neighborhoods of St Clair Superior, which is one of the most diverse and historic communities in Cleveland. Its mission is to guide neighborhood transformation for residents and businesses in the city through many services, including neighborhood cleanups. We were at the forefront with a dumpster donation for one of their community cleanup events. Our dumpster helped SCSDC in its efforts to connect residents to resources to help improve the well-being of their community.


Tremont West Development Corporation

For 37 years, TWDC “has worked to make Tremont a great place to live, visit, work, or have a business.” That was evident last July during the SoTre Garden Clean Up. Our dumpster donation, along with the Cleveland Neighborhood Progress Clean and Green Trailer, helped make the garden a better place for the community to come together and grow fresh produce. SoTre Garden is part of SoTre Properties, which is a real estate development and management firm that strictly focuses on the redevelopment of the southern portion of Tremont.


Blackland Community Development Corporation

In cooperation with Blackland CDC, we teamed up with the University of Texas to complete a community cleanup in Austin. Volunteers of Blackland CDC, as well as students and community members, used our dumpster for the disposal of all the debris that had been piling up on a local block. Because of our dumpster, they were able to save time, energy, and money in order to properly dispose of these unwanted materials.


Volunteers of Blackland CDC dispose of debris in a Texas neighborhood.


Want to do your part to keep your community clean? Take a look at our list of what can go in a dumpster to ensure your debris is disposed of responsibly. And while your thinking green thoughts, take a peek at where your trash goes and learn how much waste gets recycled in your home state. The results may surprise you!

Budget Dumpster is always looking for more opportunities to donate dumpsters to organizations in need of them for their community cleanups. If you would like to be considered for a dumpster donation or know of any organizations that could benefit from one, contact us via our dumpster request form.