If you’ve ever been near a college campus during move out time, then you have most likely witnessed the incredible amounts of waste accumulated from college students that could easily be recycled. Items that can be used by others are simply thrown away and sometimes they are even littered because the trash containers on campus are not large enough to hold all of this waste. You may have also noticed how college students use old school campus bulletin boards to buy and sell items from other college students. This act of meeting up with strangers for an exchange of materials can become a safety concern. This extreme act of unnecessary waste disposal and her concern for safety led one mother to create a website catered to these young adults needs.

Tina Snyder is a mother to college twins and she has learned firsthand how wasteful college students can be. Snyder decided to combine her love for recycling, and her background in technology, to create an interesting solution to this growing issue. Snyder created the website CampusWall to help with this problem occurring amongst college students. This website is a combination of selling and buying items from one college to another within a specific university. The website also promotes safety between college students because they no longer need to look for outside sources when they want to sell or buy something for their college dorm or apartment.

The simple idea of reduce, reuse, and recycle was the driving force for her idea to build the site CampusWall. The website now has a large list of colleges who have joined the program and Snyder has worked with school officials and student programs to get the word of her invention out there to the public. This website is different from sites such as Craigslist because it fosters the idea of safety amongst students who are selling items to other students. The website remains closed to college students because you must have a university email to sign into the site. This environmentally and safety conscious website is a great opportunity to promote sustainability and recycling throughout the entire college community.

Snyder knew her idea would catch on because many universities around the country are participating in the Net Impact Small Steps, Big Wins Challenge. This challenge encourages students to take steps to help the environment, such as committing to a vegetarian diet for one day or attending an event on Earth Day. Each step is assigned points and the school with the highest number of points will win. A great cause such as helping out your environment is an excellent way to help out your community and create less waste for the Earth. Hopefully when it comes time for these college students to move at the end of their semester they will remember the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle and look into CampusWall.

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Source: Mother Nature Network