When Jennie Nevin left a career at Merrill Lynch, she dreamed of a place for people to share work space and make valuable connections.

The goal?

To help make the daunting task of launching a business seem less intimidating.

Nevin envisioned a space where like-minded environmental enthusiasts could come together and communicate their ideas for making the world a better place to live. She found a nearly empty warehouse and helped fill the place up.

In 2008, Green Spaces was born. It started in Brooklyn as the nation’s first green co-working space, striving to bring together businesses that are addressing our environment and social impact on Earth.

The rest is history.

Green Spaces Gets the Green Light in Denver

In 2009, Green Spaces opened for business in Denver’s RiNo Arts District.

The co-working hub for green and socially conscious entrepreneurs has around 250 individual members.

Members have the option of reserving one of many spaces within the building, such as lounges, private offices, conference rooms and team pods.

Green Spaces_1

Image courtesy of Green Spaces.

“Our oldest team member has been here for six full years. They started in the lounge then graduated up to a desk. We’ve got people that start in the lounge, go to a desk and then go to an office. We’re month-to-month because we want people to be able to grow within the space.”

Christina Brandt I Community Coordinator at Green Spaces

Member perks include happy hours, yoga, pizza lunches and the opportunity to bring in your dog.

“I really like that we’re dog-friendly. It means that I don’t have to have a dog in my own apartment because I get to hang out with people’s dogs at work all day, so that’s pretty cool,” Brandt said.

Green Spaces takes people (and dogs) from all industries, but it tends to attract environmental and social nonprofit groups and companies more.

That includes neighboring Denver Food Rescue, a nonprofit focused on increasing health equity in Denver by breaking barriers to healthy food in low-income areas.

All members can become certified green through the Certifiably Green Denver program, much like Green Spaces. The complimentary program gives certifications to those businesses that meet the environmental qualifications in a variety of categories, including energy efficiency and water conservation. And because Green Spaces is already certified as green, it makes it easier for members to be as well.

Green Initiatives

Green Spaces_2

Image courtesy of Green Spaces.

Green Spaces wouldn’t be the leading eco-friendly workspace it is without the sustainability practices it has implemented, such as the LED lighting throughout the building.

Having a rather low electricity bill isn’t the only advantage, however. Other sustainable elements include:

  • Over 160 solar panels on the roof that supply 80 percent of the facility’s power.
  • Reclaimed materials throughout, including reclaimed wood tables and desks.
  • Vertical gardens that help with productivity and keeping the air clean.
  • Recycled and non-toxic products used for cleaning and paper supplies.

Out of all their green initiatives, Brandt said there’s one that stands out among the rest.

“My background was in composting, so I’d probably have to say the compost. The company I worked for out of college was a compost company based in Austin, TX,” she said.

Aside from the compost, Brandt is just happy to be doing what she loves, which is helping people.

“Having my hands in everybody’s projects and everybody’s companies is kind of fun. I’m not in the position where I have the time or the need to launch anything of my own, but being able to help out with everybody’s individual goals kind of makes me feel like I’m part of that bigger picture,” Brandt added.

Green Spaces_3

Image courtesy of Green Spaces.

By being green, Green Spaces is already a step ahead.

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