The Bare Minerals powder make-up from Sephora costs about $30 for a small jar, with this DIY project you can make a mason jar amount of make-up for under $10. It is perfect for oily skin, natural looking and it doesn’t look like it’s caked on. Another great quality of the product aside from the price, is that is only requires 3 ingredients.


  • French Green Clay
  • Organic Cocoa
  • Organic Cornstarch
  • Make-up container
  • Funnel

All of these products can be found at Wholefoods or of course you can find them online on Amazon. The cornstarch is great to absorb the oil in your skin but it only lasts for a year, so be sure not to make too much. The green clay is great at absorbing dirt, bacteria and oil while still being gentle on your pores. The cocoa is added for coloring to match the color of your skin.

The first step is to mix together 1 part cornstarch with 1 part green clay and a tiny bit of cocoa. The amount of each depends upon how much make-up you want to make. I suggest making a cup for your first time, so that means using a half cup of green clay and a half cup of cornstarch with a pinch of cocoa. Simply mix the ingredients together in a small bowl with a spoon. Add more cocoa depending upon how dark you would like your make-up to be.

Make sure to smooth out any lumps in the make-up with your spoon. Once your make-up is mixed together to the perfect color, use a funnel to put the powder into your container. You can use a glass  spice container that is cleaned out and completely dry or you can buy a make-up container. I have found empty make-up containers at drug stores, at Sephora and online.

I find it the best to fill the lid of the container with a little bit of make-up and dab my brush into that. The make-up may look a little green at first but once you brush it off a little bit, the color will match your skin. Since most make-up has SPF in it, you will want to remember to put on sunscreen before you apply your make-up. It is important to take care of your skin if you want to take care of your health.

This DIY project is all about saving money and ridding yourself of unnecessary daily chemicals. This product is not known to cure acne but it can help to mask it. It can sometimes have a green tint, but that should go away in minutes after you put it on your face. If you want to add SPF into the powder, you can add a little zinc oxide powder into the mix. Feel free to comment below with any edits or suggestions to the blog post.

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