Is your home feeling a little dull lately? Maybe it’s time for a little DIY redecorating to your home decor. There’s no need to renovate your entire house… small projects can make a huge difference and your guests will certainly notice! You can give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Here are some great “do it yourself” ideas to liven up every room of your home on a budget.

Layer Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Layer tiles in your kitchen as a backsplash above the countertops. It will bring an extra dimension to the room and make the backsplash “pop.” Plus, this project is relatively quick and easy, but has immediate results on the look of your kitchen. tutorial

Hanging Herb Garden

Have herbs right in your kitchen! There’s no need to go to the grocery store to buy herbs anymore, because you will have them right at your fingertips whenever you need them! Make them part of your kitchen décor by hanging the pots on a frame (or in this case, on a slice of wood.) tutorial


Mini Planters in Corks 

Don’t toss out your wine corks. Save them to use as mini planters for small plants as a great life addition to your home decor. tutorial

Gift Wrap Your Dresser

Use gift wrap to update a dresser. Just simply cover the top like you would a present. What’s great about this is it’s a cheap decoration and it can be rotated out with the changing seasons and holidays. tutorial


Typographic Art

You can create great wall decorations with just a picture frame and some nicely designed fonts. This is another great thrifty project, because you can change out the image in the frame frequently. Plus, you can design it to match the rest of your décor. tutorial


Add Design to Walls with Stencils

Add some design elements to one of your walls. Stencils are great for this and they give your home decor the look of wallpaper. tutorial

Revamped Chair 

Taking an older chair and adding color and design to it can instantly turn the chair into an accent piece. Instead of that old chair taking up space in the corner, make it a focal point of the room. tutorial


Decorate Walls with Watercolor Paintings

Watercolors aren’t just for kids! Or you can have the kids create their own paintings to hang up in their rooms. There’s no better way to boost creativity! tutorial

Liven Your Front Door with Unexpected Color

Who says your front door has to be a neutral color? Liven it up with a bright and unexpected color. Just a can of paint can give your home a whole new look. tutorial

Paint the Ceiling 

Similar to the colored doors, ceilings don’t have to remain that neutral painters’ white. tutorial

Ombre your Walls 

Ombre is a popular trend. Bring the light-to-dark look to one (or all) of your walls for a fresh and modern look. tutorial

Make a Thatched Paper Wall 

Here’s a great way to put old books to good use… for the book-lover in all of us! tutorial

Wallpapered Look

If you love your wall color, but are looking for a little more dimension, consider using one of these tools for a “wallpaper look.” It only requires paint, and doesn’t require the stressful hanging of paper, or trying to find the one that is “just right.” tutorial

Funked-over Coffee Table 

Add some color or design to the top of a coffee table to quickly bring more brightness into a room. tutorial


Fallen Tree into Coat Hanger 

After some windy days and a storm, sometimes trees just can’t stand up any longer. Don’t throw out the tree. Instead, give it some color and bring it inside for a great and earthy coat hanger! tutorial

Organize Books by Color

If you have a large book collection, organize them by color rather than by author or title. This will instantly bring color into a room without having to paint anything. Plus, it’s not permanent, so you can change it whenever you like (or whenever you add more books.) tutorial

Bookcase Makeover

Another alternative to liven up your book area is to add some color to the back of the case or to the shelves. Use paint or wallpaper or whatever you have available. Don’t be afraid to do something a little out of the ordinary! tutorial