When fall rolls around, you can purchase scented pine cones at just about any craft store. But you can save money by being a little crafty and making your own! This also gives you the freedom to personalize them and make your own unique scents. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete this project before you will actually want to use or gift the pine cones, because they take several weeks to complete.

First, you can go out into your neighborhood and collect pine cones. You can use this as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Go on a hike or make it an activity for kids to find the pine cones on their own.

Next, bake them in the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. Use an old cookie sheet, or cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to protect it. Lay the pine cones out on the sheet standing up. You can cook as many at one time as will fit on the sheet in a single layer. This process will help open up any pine cones that are still partially closed up, and it will kill any bacteria and bugs, making them safer to work with and have around the house. Put them in the oven for about an hour, and let them completely cool afterward before proceeding.

Bag them up! Get a large (seal-able) plastic baggie and add in your pine cones. You can fill up the bag, just make sure there is enough room to seal it up completely.

Then, add essential oils. We recommend using cinnamon, but you can use experiment with other fall scents, or just use your favorites! Using a small spray bottle, add in a few drops of essential oils and a bit of water.

Shake it well, then spray it into the bag on the pine cones. Zip the bag closed, and give it a good shake to stir up the cones. Open the bag and repeat: spray the essential oils, reseal the bag, and shake it a second time.

Now, you just have to store them and wait! The longer you wait, the better your scented pine cones will turn out (and the longer they will last!) We recommend giving the pine cones 4-6 weeks to be infused with the scented oils before they are ready.

Finally, you can take out your pine cones and enjoy the scents of autumn in your home! If the scent starts to fade, you can fuse them with more from the essentials by putting them in the plastic bag again and repeating the process.