Halloween is days away, and if you haven’t found the perfect costume, don’t fret! Here’s a collection of costumes you can make from items in your closet. Which is your favorite last minute costume idea? Do you have a last-minute costume of your own? Send it our way and we will add to our list!

Dirty laundry

Find an old laundry basket, cut a whole in the bottom, and cover it with laundry. You can fill the basket and/or pin items to yourself. There are extra points if the clothes you are wearing don’t match (and that makes the costume more fun, anyways!)


This one requires you to have balloons on hand. Or, pick them up for just a few bucks. Just pin them to yourself. If you have brown clothing, wear that underneath the balloons to represent the grape stems. If not, black clothing will also work well.

Rock paper scissors

This requires a little bit of crafting skills (and a couple of friends) and a little bit more time, but it is super easy. All you really need is some large pieces of cardboard, plus something to cut it with and something to decorate/color it with.

Breaking Bad Walter White/Heisenberg

Get a black hat and some fancy shades to look like you stepped right out of Breaking Bad. Don’t forget the mustache! It can be as simple as drawing it on with some washable markers.

God’s gift to women

Get yourself a box, wrap it in Christmas paper, and add a shiny bow. Cut holes for your arms, legs, and head and voila! For an even faster option, forego the box and place bows/ribbons directly on your clothing. This costume will just as easily work in reverse order… as God’s gift to men!

Cereal (serial) killer

Attach small cereal boxes to yourself, and then”kill” the cereal in various ways (such as hit and run, strangulation, electrocution, or stabbing.) Carrying around a plastic dagger or other weapon to go along with your costume will add an extra touch.

Crazy cat lady

Wear some over-sized clothing and attach stuffed kitten dolls to become the crazy cat lady. Don’t forget to mess up your hair and sport some comfy slippers for the complete look.

Silent movie stars

Dress yourself in black and white clothing that you would see in the 20’s and carry around pieces of paper with quotes that you commonly speak. White face paint is the extra touch in this costume.


Cut colorful paper into strips and then fringe it. Attach the strips to your clothing and fashion yourself some paper cone hats. You can also use colorful streamers in place of the paper. Don’t forget the piñata stick!


A mummy costume is great for something that needs to be done when you are short on time. Get yourself a few rolls of white streamers or toilet paper and wrap it around your arms, legs, head, and entire body. Attach with masking tape and become instantly mummified!


If you have some hay handy, dress up in overalls and a plaid button up shirt. Stuff hay into pockets and everywhere else that seems fitting. Attach patches of fabric in fall colors to complete the look.

Costume error

This might be the laziest of all lazy costumes (or the most genius?) Just find a plain T-shirt and thick Sharpie marker and write an error message. If you don’t want to ruin a tee, adhere some masking tape or a piece of paper to write the error message on.

Static cling

This one is similar to “dirty laundry”, but requires even less work. All you need is safety pins, dryer sheets, and some loose articles of clothing. Pin these items all over yourself, and presto! You are static cling. Don’t forget to include that one missing sock.


Adding a fanny pack to just about any outfit automatically makes you look like a tourist. For an even more tourist appearance, wear a souvenir shirt, cargo shorts stuffed with guide maps, and have a camera with a strap over one of your shoulders.


This looks even better in a group of people. Dress in black suits, wear dark sunglasses, and keep a serious look on your face. If you have one available, add on an earpiece

Jelly beans

A similar take on the grapes costume… this one uses a variety of colored balloons and a clear trash bag. Print out the Jelly Belly logo for easy identification. An easy alteration on this is to become a bag of colored gumballs.


If all else fails, you can grab an old white sheet and go as the ever-popular ghost! Just cut some holes for your eyes and mouth so you can see and breathe, and you have an instant Halloween costume.