Often times, people are forced to display their unsightly garbage can out in the open for everyone to see. It has become an increasingly popular trend to conceal the waste receptacle in a box. This not only makes the room much more classy, but also adds a level of convenience and will help trap in any odor.

Similar items are available for purchase for a pretty penny. However you can do-it-yourself and make it exactly to your liking. Join Budget Dumpster as we take you through the steps to construct your own trash can holder.

Step #1: Make the Trash Can Holder Design

After measuring the dimensions of your trash can, account for the necessary room needed to to insert your waste receptacle. You may even want to add some extra room, so you are not limited to the size of can you currently want. A simple sketch will be enough, but you can also find various blueprints for trash can holders online.

Step #2: Cut it Up

Using preferably a circular saw, cut your wood to make the top, bottom and all the sides of the holder. This could be a dangerous step for the more novice DIYers. Always ask for help, but as long as you take your time, it should be relatively easy.

Step #3: Make the Box

As you assemble the box, constantly test it with your trash can. You do not want to find out your holder is too small after it is too late. The box should be held together with both nails and glue. It make take several hours for your box to seal, so plan accordingly.

Step #4: Construct the Lid

Now this is where you can get creative. However do not get too creative, because you need to make throwing away trash easy. Most DIYers make a very simple lid that may even have a handle. Whatever you decide to make, it better be great because you are going to use it every single day.

Step 5: Stain it and Seal It.

Taking into account the vibe of the room the holder will be in, you will need to find a stain that works for you. There a variety of sealers that are made specifically for this project. Just remember to wear your gloves!

Step 6: Final Touches

You are going to want to add something to the bottom that rests between the holder and the floor. Some even get fancy and add wheels. This may be your final step before your trash can holder is complete. Now you can make another, better trash can holder for the other garbage cans in your home.