The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get in the spirit. Here are some ideas on how you can use items that you  might have lying around your home. Save money and keep materials out of the recycling or garbage bins!

Recycled Christmas Garland –

Do you feel bad throwing out your Christmas cards? Maybe you still have them lying around in boxes with Christmas decorations from years past? If so, you can put them to good use for this year. Cut them into pennant shapes and string some yarn through them. You can hang your new banner just about anywhere to add some holiday cheer. It will cost you next to nothing, and you’ll get to keep those cards out of the recycling bin!

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree –

For this decoration, you’ll just need some coffee filters, some buttons or beads for ornaments, and something with a cone shape for the tree (a foam cone will work great!) You can paint the filters, or just leave them plain. Attach anything that you think will look great as an ornament, and add something to the top for a finishing touch. Here’s more detailed instructions for this craft.

Recycled Box Christmas Village –

Save those old cereal boxes! This is a great craft you can take on with the kids. Just get come colored paper (wrapping paper works great too! and cover the boxes. Cut out windows and doors to decorate all the houses. You can create a whole village this way – with houses, businesses, and hospitals. Once the buildings are decorated, align them side by side on a tabletop or a shelf and have an easy and fun Christmas decoration!

Recycled Rake Christmas Tree –

If after raking up all your fall leaves, your rake has had enough and is falling apart, don’t throw apart that rake head! You can make it a festive decoration simply by adding some buttons to look like ornaments. If the rake is an ugly color or if it is rusting, you can fit that with a quick coat of green paint! Add a little star to the top, and any other “ornaments” to your tree and it is ready to hang up. This make a great piece to hang outside your door!

Cork Reindeer –

You mainly need some corks and twigs to make these cute little reindeer decorations. You can add little bells or beads for the face and for a necktie, and bam! You have yourself a quick and easy Christmas decoration. What’s even better is you can reuse those corks and pick up some twigs from the yard. No need for them to go to waste!

Decorative Snowflake Jars-

Do you get a lot of junk mail? Or maybe you have old magazines lying around and don’t know what to do with them? Cut the paper into festive snowflakes Learn how to make the perfect snowflakes from scrap paper and then how to attach them to make the lanterns.

Paperback Garland –

Of course we wouldn’t advocate to tear up a good book, but if you have some that are falling apart or missing pages, this is a great way to give them a second chance at life! For the book lovers out there, this is an excellent way to decorate your Christmas tree!