You encounter many objects throughout the day. Objects that you don’t think twice about. One example may be a wine cork. When you drink wine you go through the process of what flavor you want to drink, whether you are having it with a meal or just enjoying it with some friends or family. What I can assume that doesn’t cross your mind is what you do with the cork once you finish the bottle. I’m here to help avoid wine corks from going into the trash and introduce you to some fun upcycling projects.

Cork Stamps

To make cork stamps all you need is a craft knife and different color sharpies. Using a sharpie, draw your design on the cork and use your knife to cut around it. This is a great project that kids will love!

Cork Coasters

Gather up at least 25 corks, a hot glue gun, thin cork paper circles, pocket knife and sand paper. Start by cutting the corks in half lengthwise. Then proceed to glue them one by one to the paper circles. Sand down the coasters edges. This is a unique coaster that is great for you or given as a gift.

Magnetic Cork Planters

Add some green to your refrigerator by hallowing out a cork, sticking a magnet on the back and adding a tiny plant!

Cork Letter

This is a great project for home décor or even a wedding! Just buy a letter base and start gluing the corks!

Cork Place Card Holders

Spice up a boring card holder by using a cork. Using a craft knife, slice the cork lengthwise and cut a groove down the middle. Use this idea for your next event!

Cork Wine Charms

Why not use a cork while you are drinking wine! Stencil on letters, numbers or designs and you’ll never have to keep a bird’s-eye view on your cocktail again.

Cork Magnet

If you don’t want to place a plant in a cork like we did in a previous example, just keep it as an original magnet!

Cork Wreath

This rustic looking wreath would be a great addition to a door or wall. Pick out different base designs and start gluing!

Cork Trivet

First you made a coaster so why not make a trivet! All you have to do is super glue corks until you have the desired size.

Cork Bathmat

Bring the wine into the bathroom by making a cork bathmat!