Everyone these days is going green—and that includes dumpsters. You can walk into any healthy food store that sells freshly made food and walk up to a confusing line of trash receptacles, recycling receptacles, and charts to help you determine what goes where. Trash is not just trash anymore. But what do you do when you have large items that you do not know if you can recycle or not? Obviously plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper products, cardboard and more are recyclable, and everyone knows that from various recycling campaigns implemented by municipalities and environmental awareness organizations. While almost any material can be recycled or reused, some areas do not provide recycling for those materials. Check out these tips to help you recycle your waste to reduce the size of the dumpster rental you might need.


Wood items such as plywood, wooden beams, two by fours, broken down chairs, tables and more can be recycled through your local recycling center. Most woods need to be without nails, screws or hardware, so make sure you remove any pieces of metal or materials that are not wood from your wood before trying to recycle it. Contact your municipality to find out more information about where to recycle wood in your area.


Plastics like bottles, jugs, packaging, children’s toys (that are not electronic and do not contain metals), and more can be recycled as well. Large plastic bins and shelving units are perfect for recycling centers because they are often large and obnoxious for trash collectors, but are 100% recyclable. Your local municipality should have more information on how to recycle large items, but most recycling collection personnel will gladly pick up anything that is clearly labels and clearly recyclable.


Cardboard boxes are idea for recycling. While it might be easy to toss that whole box of odds and ends into the dumpster, keep in mind that cardboard is recyclable and bundles cardboard boxes are almost always accepted by local recycling companies. Even boxes that hold your packaged foods such as granola bars, fruit snacks, cereals and more are recyclable.


Glass items such as jars, cups, mugs, plates, bottles and vases are recyclable as well. Most of these items are easy to identify, and easy to recycle. Check with your local recycling company to see if mirrors, statues and other large pieces such as ceramics are accepted with glass items for recycling.

Dumpster rentals are perfect for remodeling and construction purposes, but keep in mind that some items are recyclable. Recycling your items helps to keep your dumpster rental small and manageable. By choosing to recycle items that are wood, plastic, cardboard or glass, you are helping the environment while saving yourself money on dumpster rentals. If you need help choosing your dumpster, contact us. If you need help with recycling tips, contact your local municipality.