Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A global investment company known as Dubai Holding is planning a large scale project in its namesake City of Dubai. The developers have designed a complex that will span over 48 million square feet and include the world’s largest indoor theme park, over 100 hotels, countless retail options, all connected by a tram system. It has been named the Mall of the World, and did we mention the entire thing is air conditioned?

The enormous climate controlled structure will house over 180 million tourists every year. The Mall of the World is really a pedestrian city on a massive walking street. Dubai Holding’s concept derived from some of the most famous streets in the world but primarily La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain. However it will be much, much bigger!

The specific details of the project will have the mall itself stretching 8 million square feet, the Wellness District covering 3 million square feet with the rest is for the retail portion. Parts of the roof will be able to retract at the most ideal times of the year. Unfortunately the Mall of the World is such a huge project, it is still unclear when it will actually finish.

What is being described as “the world’s first temperature controlled city” will definitely attract a great deal of visitors to the City of Dubai, which has already been experiencing a tourism boom. Dubai is an international hot bed for the medical field and the Wellness District will cater to those tourist needs. Now Dubai and the Mall of the World will be an awesome destination, every single day of the year.

With over 2 billion people in the region, the Mall of the World complex must be prepared for the immense amount of visitors. It will be able to store over 50,000 vehicles, which will be a tremendous money maker, since cars will not be allowed inside the structure. Although the Mall will eventually making a lot of money, the budget for the project has not been disclosed.

Climate controlling over 48 million square feet will be a hefty bill, so Dubai Holding intends to follow the Smart Dubai model, which ensures buildings only use the most advanced environmentally friendly guidelines. This is not the only environmentally effort that has been weaved into this project. We must remember the Mall of the World will be completely careless.

While in America, citizens are turning up their thermostats in their houses or cooling off in the community pool, the folks over in Dubai are doing much more. They are air conditioning entire cities and attracting millions of people who are ready to spend money. It seems like only a matter of time before something like this is planned in the United States.

Budget Dumpster supports the Mall of the World for a variety of reasons. Not only will this be a major construction project but it is also taking the necessary steps in sustainability. When America’s Mall of the World begins, we hope Budget Dumpster can be utilized to ensure that is far superior to the one over in Dubai.