Tell me if you’ve been here: You’re 17, it’s the middle of the summer, your windows are down and you’re bumping Summertime by The Fresh Prince himself. Life is good.

But it could be better.

If only you had a pool. I mean you do have your grandma’s ’98 Chevy Hatchback and the girl you like sorta-maybe-kinda-might like you (you’ll later find she doesn’t), but a pool would really top off life. Instead, you’re stuck sweating it out all day after JV football practice with your homies. If only your dad wasn’t concerned about a pool negatively affecting his home’s value. Real cool, Franklin. Real cool.

Here’s the point: We all could use a pool a time or two or two thousand. There’s a reason why every single person on Cribs had one and all the greatest summer music videos feature them.

Turning a Pool Into a Dumpster Pool

So maybe the pool you dreamed of was really sweet. Maybe even inground! Well, let’s squash those dreams and totally reinvent them. See there’s a New Orleans-based architect by the name of Stefan Beese. He had this crazy idea of turning a dumpster into a swimming pool. And we don’t mean rolling it off the truck and sticking a hose over the side. We mean the type of pool where you’d never be able to tell it’s a dumpster. The type of pool where you’d walk into the backyard and say, “Man, I wish I had that when I was 17…I would have probably been dating T. Swift.”

Check out the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about.

As a dumpster company, we think this is pretty awesome and one of the best dumpster innovations we’ve ever seen. We may have to try to replicate it once Will in accounting approves.

Not sick of the dumpster pool yet? You can keep updated through its Facebook page or check out more of Beese’s work through his website.

Dumpster Pool