Long before Tristan “Mack” Wilds was playing Adele’s love interest, he was Michael Lee on the HBO drama, The Wire. By the time Wilds joined the cast, in the crime drama’s final two seasons, the show was already well into its historic run. While the show might be considered the first blip on the actor-turned-rapper-still-actor’s career, it continues to resonate with audiences nearly eight years later, as it’s widely considered one of television’s greatest dramas.

The Legendary Orange Couch

As in nearly every memorable show since TV has existed, The Wire had it’s memorable sets and set pieces. Seinfeld had Monk’s Cafe, Friends had Central Perk, Mad Men had the Sterling Cooper offices and The Wire had the low rises. The apartments and their surrounding landscape are established as a place of significance throughout the pilot episode and early seasons. At the center of it all sat a bright orange couch. As detailed by Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! in a 2010 interview with the show’s production designer, Vincent Peranio, the couch has quite a backstory. It turns out, Peranio and company had to go to great lengths to maintain the image of this integral set piece.

Using context clues (see: name of post), you can probably guess a dumpster factors in here somewhere.