Waste removal is an essential aspect of any project and community. In some cases, the cost of renting a dumpster is the only factor keeping these necessary projects from being accomplished. We have established a rich history of donating dumpsters to organizations in need of proper waste removal services.

A majority of our dumpster donations involve non-profit organizations. However any worthy individual or business can be the recipient of a dumpster donation. From Save the Bay to Tampa Bay Watch, Budget Dumpster will help anyone effectively remove anything!

Recently, We teamed up with the Washington D.C. Jewish Community Center to help take care of the debris from a house fire. Take a look at the photo below of the community members using a Budget Dumpster to complete their project.

This is not the only donated dumpster that has helped this week. Budget Dumpster joined forces with RecFX Foundation. This non-profit organization, based in Phoenix, Arizona, assists American military service members in a variety of ways. Budget Dumpster will be providing the waste removal solutions to tear down and rebuild the home of a 20 year Navy Veteran.

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Do you personally need or know of someone that deserves a donation? Well click this link and fill out the simple form. A representative from Budget Dumpster will respond to your request shortly.