The DumpsterGard is the waste removal industry’s first cost-effective solution to keeping unwanted risks from entering your dumpster. This innovative, but simple business allows customers to protect the environment, the materials in the dumpster and their bank accounts. Check out our interview with owner Gary Lougher to understand why every container should have a DumpsterGard!

How did the concept for the DumpsterGard begin?

Our Co-Founder was selling dumpster hails in the Nashville, TN area and his customers kept asking him for a better way to cover dumpsters. He shared this with me and we began to tinker around and came up with a general design. Then found a phenomenal supplier and partner, Sparta Plastics. My market research showed there was a lot of potential for an innovative solution so I quit my day job so I could commit to building DumpsterGard. We formed in July of 2011 and were on the market by October, 2012.

A covered dumpster seems like it should be a standard practice, why don’t all dumpsters have a lid?

Probably because there was not much enforcement of existing regulations. And while it seems there has been some demand for a while, I think people who looked to create a solution just over-thought it and created overly complicated, impractical and expensive products that were either overkill or under-performed.

What benefits does the DumpsterGard have in comparison to using a tarp?

Mostly it’s durability and performance. The DumpsterGard won’t tear or sag to allow water to get into the dumpster and it will hold up to heavy snow. The DumpsterGard is also easier and quicker to install and won’t freeze in winter. Furthermore, the DumpsterGard is a better investment. While they are more expensive up front than tarps or tarp and bow systems, if they are taken care of it is likely the last cover system you will need to buy.

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The DumpsterGard is made from recycled materials and in the U.S.A., how else does it make a positive impact on the environment?

Primarily by keeping water from getting into the dumpster, becoming contaminated and leaking into the ground. Many state regulators are also concerned with how used tires are stored. If water collects in used tires, mosquitoes find them excellent breeding grounds which can contribute to the spread of West Nile virus. A DumpsterGard can help with that. It also serves as a deterrent to keep people from putting hazardous materials into the dumpster and not being disposed of properly.

Do you need a specific DumpsterGard for each size dumpster?

The DumpsterGard was designed to fit 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-off dumpsters. These are between 20’-23’ long and the DumpsterGard is adjustable to accommodate the 3′ variances in length. We also designed them to accommodate the bowing that can occur towards the center of the dumpsters. For longer dumpsters (40s and 45 yarders) and some shorter dumpsters (10 and 15 yarders) you can just add or remove panels.

What are some of the ways customers can save money by using the DumpsterGard?

First, by keeping you in compliance and avoiding fines. Second, if you are in a tonnage market you pay increased tipping fees for snow, ice, water and water soaked waste. Third, by serving as a deterrent to keep people from filling up your dumpster. Fourth, they also serve as a deterrent to keep dumpster divers, thieves and kids out of your dumpster which reduces your liability and keeps valuable recyclables from being stolen.

Can anybody, from anywhere order your product?

We have customers in the U.S. and Canada. We can serve as an importer of record for our Canadian customers which basically means they don’t have to have an importer’s license to buy from us. If someone from another country wanted to do business with us, we would figure it out, but right now we are focused on growing in the US and Canada.

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Some local and federal regulations require covering the dumpster. Could this be a growing trend considering the environmental aspect?

We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of calls coming in that start out like, “I’m being told I need to cover these dumpsters to be in compliance with storm water regulations.” We have also heard from a number of customers who say they are being told of an impending increase on the crackdown of storm water runoff regulations in general.

What separates the DumpsterGard from other container cover services in the industry?

It’s simple, cost effective and it works.

How do you foresee the future of DumpsterGard? Is there any way to improve upon the current product?

For the next couple of years, we will focus on growing the business through creating industry partnerships. Our customer feedback tells us we got the product right. It works in the heat and our customers in the Boston area report that they held up to even their heavy snowfall this past winter. However, we do have a couple of ideas we are working on related to ease of installation and storage when they are not in use. Not only does the product work, but the business works as well. We operate from a simple, yet powerful place of “doing what we say we are going to do.” We quote and bill accurately, we respond when we say we will, we ship when we say we will and the product performs as we say it will.

My favorite part of what I do is talking with prospective customers and partners, so feel free to call me direct at 615-295-0556.

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