Have you ever tried to get rid of a computer? Did you find it difficult to find someone that takes e-waste a.k.a. electronic waste? This previous Best Buy executive has created a website to make it easy to recycle your electronic waste.

Leo Raudys is a former environmental regulator and Best Buy executive, on a mission to make e-waste recycling easier. His website known as Riduvit.com, connects businesses who want to get rid of electronics with businesses who can recycle these items. The companies that want these electronics, compete to buy the unwanted IT materials.

The website is free to use and Raudys makes a commission for every sale completed through his site. Currently, he is using two e-waste recycling companies, one is a Fresno, California based company and the other is in Twinsburg, Ohio. He has worked with both of these companies during his time at Best Buy and he has created agreements for e-waste recycling.

He has experienced firsthand how difficult it is for companies to recycle their electronic equipment. As it is now, companies are forced to pay extremely high prices for recycling their e-waste and they find it difficult to find places to take their junk. Raudys understood this demand for a convenient e-waste recycling program and brought his knowledge and experience to the table.

Riduvit only works with companies that are capable of meeting their high standard for safety and security. They are selective about which companies they work with when it comes to keeping your data safe. Once the company chooses to work with a recycling provider, suggested to them by Riduvit, they work directly with that company. Using Riduvit is free however, recycling your electronics may have costs which are determined by the company you choose to work with.

Thanks to Riduvit and Raudys, e-waste recycling is much easier. Since electronics can contain toxic elements such as beryllium, lead, cadmium, or brominated flame retardants, safe recycling is a must. Riduvit and its partners work hard to follow the regulations mandated by the EPA about safe disposal of electronics and IT equipment.

If you find yourself cleaning out an office building and need to dispose of e-waste, go to Riduvit. If you need to get rid of any construction waste such as wood, metals and siding, call Budget Dumpster. While we cannot accept electronic waste into our dumpsters, we can accept all kinds of household, construction and yard debris. To hear more about our dumpster rental service, go to / or give us a call at 1-866-284-6164.