If you’re looking for a great blog (or blogs) to follow this year, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the Eco-Friendly Blogs to Follow in 2016 is compiled of the best and most current green resources. They discuss a wide range of topics in the sustainable and environmental world: from gardening and composting, to reducing air and water pollution, to helping your family achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Eco Blogs 1

Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse - Eco Blog

Big Green Purse is full of tons of ideas that will help you go green and help the environment, all while saving money. Diane MacEachern gives advice that will help you eat cleaner, shop better and help your family along the way. Plus, you’ll end up doing it on a budget!

Eco Blogs 2

Biofriendly Blog

Biofriendly - Eco Blogs

Biofriendly Corporation is a company working toward solutions for air pollution and fuel consumption. On their blog, you’ll find an abundance of articles that give advice on how you can do your part to fight against these issues. In addition, there are many useful tips on how to be sustainable and eco-friendly for a variety of occasions and in your everyday life.

Eco Blogs 3

Earth-Friendly Gardener

Earth Friendly Gardener - Eco Blog

John Walker helps you cultivate your garden and keep it growing strong in an environmentally friendly way. Whether you’ve got a long-time green thumb or you’ve just decided to start your very first produce, there’s always something to take away from the Earth-Friendly Gardener Blog.

Eco Blogs 4

Leettle House in Kentucky

Lettle House in Kentcuky - Eco Blogs

Leettle House in Kentucky is run by Alanna, a mom of two who writes about more than just the typical “mommy blogger” topics. She advocates for all things green, especially cloth diapers and resources revolving around children. The blog can help save you time and money when raising a child.

Eco Blogs 5

Lots of Love Always

Lola - Eco Blogs

LOLA (Lots of Love Always) is a blog to share ideas, experiences and information about how to live a great life. Check out natural beauty tips, how to live on a budget, easy recipes and a list of other sustainable and healthy ideas. There’s even a book you can order to fully engulf yourself in the lifestyle.

Eco Blogs 6

Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace - Eco Blogs

Christine runs the Saved By Grace blog. She’s a hippie at heart who is all about living an eco-friendly and frugal life. Saved By Grace is full of great recipes for any time of day and any occasion, how-to articles on eco-friendly DIY cleaners and tips on house keeping. Christine helps her audience become more environmentally conscious while keeping money in their pocket.

Eco Blogs 7

Spit That Out: The Blog

Spit That Out - Eco Blogs

Spit That Out is a book and well-maintained blog that teaches parents how to raise healthy kids. As writer Paige Wolf puts it, “Finding practical, reasonable ways to keep your families safe and healthy.” It’s an excellent resource for parents who want to live a sustainable lifestyle and pass those positive habits along to their kids.

Eco Blogs 8

Groovy Green Livin


Groovy Green Livin shares a plethora of ideas and tips to help its readers live a greener lifestyle. From diet choices to traveling hacks, Lori Popkewitz Alper stays current with posts specifically catered to each season and what’s happening in the world around her.

Eco Blogs 9

The Eco Wardrobe Warrior

The Eco Wardrobe Warrior - Eco Blog

Joelle Harris is the Eco Wardrobe Warrior. She shares her skills about how to upcycle your attire and search for great second-hand finds. Her readers are happy to reduce their impact on landfills and come to love a more minimal wardrobe with sustainable pieces.

Eco Blogs 10

The Green Divas

The Green Divas - Eco Blog

Get a little bit of everything pertaining to eco-friendliness with The Green Divas. Green Diva Meg and Green Diva Lynn provide helpful advice on recipes, fashion, pets and a laundry list of other topics. They even have their own radio show. Check it out for some great content about sustainable living in a guilt-free and low-stress way.

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