Fairbanks, Alaska: A common practice throughout the area is heading to transfer stations to find some treasures. Since many residents do not have garbage pick up services, they must drop off unwanted materials to their local station. This has resulted in Alaska transfer stations becoming a hot bed for great materials.

However these garbage dumps are not just attracting the stereotypical dumpster divers. Artists, bargain hunters, and environmentalist all headed to the transfer stations on a regular basis to get their opportunistic fix. Whether they are motivated to save money or the world, the trash dumps of Alaska are the places to be.

The Farmers Loop West Transfer Station is by the most popular. With tan garbage dumpsters lining the entire perimeter, it has been nicknamed “Treasure Island.” With every place their must be a leader and that is Ty Lafond, self pro-claimed King of the divers.

Lafond is a dumpster diver in the league of his own. By going through every single trash bag, he is able to finance his entire life. With houses currently full of his findings, Lafond has begun taking a different approach to his dumpster diving game.

King Lafond now sets aside the most treasured found items for others. However these usually are picked up from other dumpster divers within minutes. After 15 years of ruling the transfer stations, Lafond plans to continue dumpster diving everyday.

The only thing hindering the King and his followers is that dumpster diving is threatening to be outlawed. Alaska officials seem disgusted with the divers, especially the ones hunting for food. This could directly affect hundreds of Alaskans main source of income.

Budget Dumpster supports the donation of unwanted materials to those in need. However we must remember climbing into large waste removal receptacles can be very dangerous. If you want to learn more about dumpster diving, please do not hesitate to contact Budget Dumpster!