Style and design trends constantly fluctuate, enticing Americans to purchase new products more frequently than ever. Always in search of the latest furnishings to compliment a space, furniture is often discarded rather than recycled or refurbished. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that furniture accounts for 9.8 million tons of household waste on average per year, making it the least recycled item in the average household.

Dubbed the “throw-away society” by Rachael Tulipano of GenTwenty, America is in dire need of a solution for furniture waste. Re:work Furnishings provides an answer in the form of beautiful, custom-made furnishings that are sure to become the focal point of any room.

Reclaimed wood from Columbus, OH

Custom sliding barn door. Photo courtesy of Re:work Furnishings.

A Custom Millwork Shop Committed to Sustainability

Married with three young children, Lindsay and Alex Remley first transformed a pile of old, reclaimed wood into a formal dining room table to furnish their new home. The piece complemented their already sustainable lifestyle and vintage, resale home décor. After discovering their niche, the upcycling couple founded Re:work Furnishings where a variety of furniture and décor is crafted out of reclaimed wood in Columbus, OH.

DIY Reclaimed Wood: What is it?

Why Turning Barns into Tables Makes Sense

Sourced locally in Columbus, OH, Re:work Furnishing’s custom furniture designs originate from materials salvaged after tearing down unsafe, dilapidated barns. All pieces from Re:work Furnishings are made using either reclaimed wood or responsibly sourced virgin wood, meaning that it is locally sourced, never imported.

“We like to work with what is readily available in our own backyard,” said Alex. With passion and commitment to bringing new life to reclaimed materials, the team works hard to find all kinds of salvageable items. The metal pieces used as table bases or brackets, for example, are sourced from local scrap yards.

alex2Our planet is our home; we want it clean and thriving. There is so much you can do with old materials instead of using new materials. The amount of construction waste in our world would BLOW YOUR MIND. We want to do our part to help reuse as much as possible.

Alex Remley | Re:work Furnishings

Design Your Next DIY Project With Reclaimed Wood

Not only does Re:work Furnishings create custom pieces to furnish your home, but scrap wood is also available for your next DIY project. The team’s idea here is to cut down on waste at all levels, rather than burning or disposing of excess materials.

Where can I find reclaimed wood?

lindsey1We really try and limit our waste as much as possible. We also want to encourage people to work with their hands and try their own projects. It’s fun to hear the stories of what people want or plan to build with the materials!

Lindsay Remley | Re:work Furnishings

If you’re looking for a unique and personalized piece for your home, custom furniture from Re:work Furnishings can be shipped to customers around the world. In fact, the team will soon be moving from their 2,000-square foot space into a 10,000-square foot showroom in the Grandview neighborhood of Columbus to accommodate the increased demand for their beautiful, handmade items.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

Custom coffee table and end table. Photo courtesy of Re:work Furnishings.

Similarly, Woodward Throwbacks produces home décor and barware from leftover construction building materials in Detroit, MI. Authentic furniture and custom pieces are made from discarded materials around the city. Owner Kyle Dubay also accepts donations from community members and often receives tips on where to find remnants from construction teams working on local projects.

Budget Dumpster is happy to see craftsmen and woodworkers across the nation turning to reclaimed wood and metal as a source for their building materials. What do you do to cut waste from your projects? Let us know in the comments below!