We hear it everywhere now a days, “Buy this product its “green”, or “I only use “green” beauty products” but what does it mean to be “green”? Researching this topic can go on and on, but according to the Environmental News Network, Green science or products apply to any item utilizing technology that has a positive impact on the environment and/or natural resources. Any product can claim to be green and simply mean it is greener than its competitor. A product can also qualify as green if it is made up of only natural grown ingredients.

If you want to be completely sure the product you are buying is green, you can look for the Green Seal of Approval. Green Seal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a sustainable economy. They empower consumers to choose products that minimally impact the environment. Their science based programs are geared towards creating a healthier and more sustainable Earth. They have strict standards to promote eco-friendliness and help the environment. They also motivate companies to make greener products for their consumers. Green products with the Green Seal certification have passed rigorous tests to make sure they do not harm the environment and that they are safe for their consumers.

green seal

Another similar organization is ENERGY STAR, this program was established by the EPA in 1992 with the intent to protect the environment through energy efficient materials. They have partnerships with thousands of businesses across the country. ENERGY STAR has also worked to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions among businesses and institutions. Over the last three years the ENERGY STAR buildings have demonstrated an average of 7% energy savings and a 6% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This organization is not a nonprofit like Green Seal, but they have had years of experience and government backing to boost their technology and reduce their effects on the environment.

energy star

Have you ever heard of green living? Well, building a green & energy efficient home is one way to help the environment and save on your monthly energy bills. The government claims they will help developers who build these types of residences, but according to one realtor/architect in Miami, that is not the case. This particular realtor had to go through numerous and unnecessary inspections for his homes because his projects had to be classified as a Government project. Green homes cost more to build and purchase but they will be more energy efficient in the long run and save money every month. Unfortunately people looking to buy homes in today’s market want larger homes for a cheaper price, resulting in a very low demand for green homes.

Green living can also be categorized as implementing the three “Rs”. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). While everyone has had this concept down since about third grade, actually going along with it can be difficult. We need to make recycling an everyday habit. Buying recyclable goods is one way to make sure the items you use on a daily basis can be recycled and turned into other materials. Re-using is a better way to help the environment because it eliminates the pollution made from manufacturing, transporting and disposing of materials. If we really want to make a positive impact on the environment, we need to reduce our waste. We can do this by changing our lifestyles and partaking in activities such as hiking instead of going out for ice-cream. If we try to be more concise with these simple actions, we can help out the environment.

Since we here at Budget Dumpster are in the waste removal industry, we do our best to promote green living and the use of certified green products. We recycle everything we can when we take it off your property. The best solution to our landfill dilemma is to recycle all that can be recycled, re-use items as often as possible and especially reduce the amount of waste we accumulate. We strive to do our part to help the environment and we encourage our customers to do the same as well.  If you are planning on needing a dumpster rental for your next home renovation or remodel, call us and we can set you up with a roll-off dumpster.