Lexington, Kentucky: Running a horse farm is no easy task. Long hours, high prices, combined with the a struggling economy makes it nearly impossible to be successful. However one lady by the name of Shelly Townsend has discovered a way to not only help herself, but also everyone else in the equine industry.

After a factory fire made horse bedding even more expensive, a light bulb went off for Townsend. The concept was simple, if humans are able to wash their bed sheets, then why can’t we do the same for horses? This innovative idea has now become a start-up known as Equine Eco Green and will eventually save money for horse lovers all around the world, while simultaneously helping the environment.

The start-up has created a groundbreaking process of washing, rinsing, bleaching, dechlorinating and drying the wood shavings used in horse stables. This process was granted a utility patent for its unique ability to reuse the horse bedding up to 7 times, and possibly more. There are also many more environmental benefits of Equine Eco Green.

Usually horse bedding is only used once before it is thrown out or composted. This is not only expensive and wasteful, but also the horse soiled materials have been known to contaminate waterways when disposed improperly. As an added bonus, the process will cut down on deforestation.

Most importantly the process closes the recycling loop of horse waste, which is unparalleled in the industry. The ability to reuse horse waste will be extremely cost effective. Raising horses is known for not being affordable and any cost saving measure, where efficiency is not sacrificed, is sure to catch on.

When Equine Eco Green’s solution is applied to the used horse bedding, it completely restores the materials to its original color and even become a much safer product. It also is less allergenic, free of pathogens such as mold, odor and dust and cleanses the materials of many other harmful chemicals. This recycling process is beneficial to farmers, the horses and especially the environment.

After partnering with the largest waste removal service in Palm Beach, Florida, the decision to eventually move the start-up south was simple. The partner, J.H. Hauling and Services, will be able to facilitate a great deal of business for growing Equine Eco Green. This will hopefully solidify a foundation to fuel this start-up into a fully operational company.

The Florida weather will also allow Equine Eco Green to operate year round, but Townsend is open to eventually expanding to other locations.

“It has potential for many locations across the United States, but Florida has the immediate setup,” Townsend said. “I would love to see it in Kentucky. I think that it would be something further down the road, but it has many applications wherever there’s a heavy population of horses.”

The Equine Eco Green start-up puts the environment first, making money is just an added bonus. Besides the recycled horse bedding, the business will also provide a line of environmentally conscious horse related products. Just the like the recycled horse bedding, all the products are affordable without negatively impacting the environment.

Affordability and environmentally friendliness are not the only reasons that Equine Eco Green will attract Florida equine waste removal services. Presently, removal services must travel over 50 miles, some on unpaved roads to dispose their horse waste. Equine Eco Green will only be 10 miles away, which will dramatically decrease fuel costs and risk of damaging equipment. It seems like this start-up is a real win-win for all parties involved.

It is rare to find a company that incorporates a variety environmental aspects and still provides a much needed service. Currently the start-up is taking the essential steps to transition into a company, by seeking investors and even new members, a CEO with impressive experience to join the Equine Eco Green team. With international interest, it is just a matter of time before Equine Eco Green is a staple in every horse stable.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with Equine Eco Green, please click here: Equine Eco Green