Step 1: Request a Dumpster Donation

For this donation, the Property Manager at Blackland Community Development Corporation communicated directly with Budget Dumpster via email. Of course, others who are interested in receiving a dumpster donation can also utilize our dumpster request form. Either option will put your project front and center, allowing us to determine how our services may best help you and your organization.

Step 2: Decide on the Dumpster Size

Budget Dumpster offers a wide range of roll off dumpster sizes. Our expert customer service team worked with Blackland CDC to determine the appropriate container for their specific project. Since their Neighborhood Beautification Project primarily involved removing yard waste, our 20-yard roll off dumpster provided the perfect solution.

dumpster sizes

Step 3: Lockdown the Logistics

Delivering these large dumpsters is not a simple task, especially in regards to donations. These projects are often in parks or remote areas that may pose problems for both delivery and usability. Blackland CDC relied on us as waste removal professionals in order to find the most efficient way to get a dumpster out to there cleanup site. With safety as our primary concern, we were able to position the dumpster on the property in the right space to maximize productivity and make it easy to fill up.

Dumpster Delivery

Step 4: Accomplish the Project

Once the dumpster touched down in Austin, Blackland CDC volunteers, along with students and community members, began filling it with unwanted materials. These items that have been plaguing their neighborhood for quite some time were finally able to be removed and properly disposed in the roll off dumpster rental. Not only did the use of the dumpster save time, energy and money, it was communicated that project would not have been completed without the donation from Budget Dumpster.

blackland 4

Step 5: Let Budget Dumpster Take Care of the Rest

When we provide a dumpster donation, we cover the costs of delivery, pick-up, taxes and disposal of the unwanted materials. Blackland CDC took advantage of our dumpster donation program to make their neighborhood a nicer place. It was a real pleasure working with Blackland CDC, and now it is time to look forward to our next waste removal project!

Budget Dumpster is always looking for more dumpster donation opportunities. If you would like to be considered for a donation or know of a worthy organization, please do not hesitate to contact us via our dumpster request form.