Personal court documents were found in the trash in Albuquerque NM. The documents belonged to over a dozen people and were releasing a lot of personal information, such as criminal histories and medical records.

The documents were found in a dumpster belonging to the Bernalillo County Recycling Center in Tijeras. It was the Walz and Associates Law Firm that had the documents in their possession prior to them being found in the trash.

Considering that the documents were all a part of public court cases, it isn’t illegal for them to be released. However, since they contained information such as names, addresses and even phone numbers, the director at the Bernalillo County Recycling Center, Kim McKibben was concerned about identity theft.

An attorney for the Walz and Associates Law Firm had recently died and his office had been cleared out. The documents were thrown into the dumpster without any hesitation, which is legal seeing as they were part of public court cases.

Personal information that could possibly lead to identity theft should be disposed of properly. It is important that proper waste disposal is practiced in such situations. Shredding the documents would have been a smart decision prior to just throwing them in the trash.

Luckily, the Bernalillo County Recycling Center had found the documents and had them shredded just to be safe. That will help protect those who had their information thrown into the dumpster.

Many waste distribution centers sort through the waste they are given. This helps to assure that the waste is distributed to the proper place. Recyclables are taken to recycling centers, household garbage is taken to the landfill, and anything else is disposed of in the proper manner. This helps to keep our environment clean and maintained.

Should you have waste that contains any personal information, for instance, phone numbers, addresses, bank information or anything else that may lead to identity theft, you must shred the documents right away. This will make it nearly impossible to become a victim. Once shredded, you can toss the documents away into the dumpster or trash without worry.