Budget Dumpster is a leader in the industry and it is our responsibility to be on the cutting edge of the waste removal world. Earlier this year, we came across a Kickstarter campaign that aimed to radically change how our beloved dumpsters are used. After featuring the project on our blog, Budget Dumpster teamed up with the Inflato Dumpster, which would forever alter the perception of the dumpster.

The Department of Urban Betterment in New York City created the Inflato Dumpster to reclaim public space and provide various communities with opportunity to learn and work inside a roll off dumpster. The Inflato Dumpster is no ordinary dumpster and more of an experience, but this is definitely a place you would actually want to learn in.

“Part education center, part art installation, and part a rethinking of what constitutes public space” -Fast Company via KickStarter.

The base of the Inflato Dumpster is the 20-yard roll off dumpster rental that we all know and love. The Inflato portion is almost 28 feet in height and allows for 2000 cubic feet of overall volume. Beyond the dumpster doors is an actual door, which provides a totally enclosed space for those who enter the Inflato Dumpster.

The roll off dumpster and the Inflato work seamlessly together, but are completely interdependent. This gives the project the flexibility to work in a variety areas, allowing for more people to experience the Inflato Dumpster. If the dumpster is able to get the necessary permit, the Inflato Dumpster can virtually be placed at any location in the world.

New York City is the ideal place to begin the Inflato Dumpster project. The City is plagued by rapid privatization of public places. The Inflato Dumpster sets out to counteract that trend by giving the public an open space to do so as they wish. Also it is very likely that many New Yorkers would swap their apartment for an Inflato Dumpster without hesitation.

You may not realize it, but dumpsters are a sign of positive change to any community that they are in. When a dumpster is attached to the Inflato, it instantly symbolizes the right we all have to public space. The Inflato Dumpster is a great addition to any event and is an enormous attraction. At the very least it is much less of an eye sore.

Recently, Budget Dumpster sponsored the Inflato Dumpster at their first event in New York City. The event was an absolute success with over 700 interested parties stepping inside the Inflato Dumpster. This is a great sign for the project and just a matter of time before more Inflato Dumpsters begin popping up near you.

There are high expectations and a lot of optimism surrounding the Inflato Dumpster project. With people eating inside dumpsters, why can’t it be a place to learn? However the Inflato Dumpster provides much more than a just space for learning.

Budget Dumpster is more than happy to sponsor events such as this that aims to provide education, especially if it is inside a roll off dumpster. If you feel you know of a cause that could benefit from a roll off dumpster rental, please request a free dumpster here.