What if I told you there was an easy way to get rid of junk mail? If you are anything like me and receive mounds of unwanted junk mail every week, you can relax because now you can turn that junk into something useful. The Junk Press is a handy little device that allows anyone to turn their junk mail into paper plates, bowls and even coasters.

The Junk Press was created and designed by an Australian named Andrew Simpson along with collaboration from Supercyclers. This small machine is a small sand-cast aluminum press that allows for junk mail to be recycled into actual useful materials. The press is very easy to use and it is a great way for the average person to reduce their footprint on the Earth. Another great quality of this press is that is small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer.

The press is simple to use and only requires a little liquid for it to work. To use the press, you must shred the junk mail and blend it with some liquid. This can be done very easily in a blender. Then once you have paper/water mixture, you will pour that into the press. Then, you close the lid of the press and apply pressure, squeezing out any excess water.

After you are done pressing, you simply open the handle and there is your mold. The plates and bowels made from the Junk Press are much sturdier and thicker than store-bought paper plates. You can also make any color plate or bowel you want, by choosing a certain color of paper. The Junk Press is a great invention for taking something that is nuisance and making it into a valuable material.

If you are not bothered by the amount of junk mail you receive then maybe the environmental impact of junk mail may persuade you. Over 100 million trees each year are cut down to produce junk mail. The trees being cut down also produces more greenhouse gas emissions, which is equal to about 9 million cars on the road.

According to 41pounds.org, the average adult receives 16 pieces of junk mail each week and the majority of our household waste is junk mail. Our landfills are full of junk mail and we are in need of a way to either reduce this or reuse the mail. If we were to recycle our junk mail by using the junk press, we will lessen the amount of paper waste in our landfills.

The best solution to the junk mail issue would be to completely stop the process of making and sending junk mail. The business of transporting junk mail costs around $500 million each year.  If we were to completely stop the business of junk mail, this would reduce deforestation, reduce the amount of water we use and of course it would reduce global warming.

Here at Budget Dumpster we do our best to eliminate paper waste in our offices. We handle all of the billing online and place all orders over the phone. We also attempt to utilize the most eco-friendly disposal processes in the waste removal business. For more information, visit our website at www.budgetdumpster.com.