Kompakt is a leading supplier of balers and recycling equipment servicing the United Kingdom. This company provides other businesses with the opportunity to reduce a variety of costs, while becoming more environmentally friendly. Their superior selection of equipment allows Kompakt to meet the specific waste removal needs of any business.

Check out how a representative from Kompakt handled our interview questions below and you will realize that this company will improve your business.


Every business needs proper waste removal, but are there any in particular that may benefit more from utilizing your services?

Yes! Companies who dispose of medium to high volume of waste packaging material, for example shrink wrap or cardboard would really benefit from our service. We also have a state-of-the-art food machine, which would be good for businesses with a large food waste output, such as restaurants, hotels, universities.

Many of your products compact the unwanted materials, but what is the next step for the waste?

The recyclable waste material is collected by one of our regional recycling partners and then it is stored and bulked with other material. Our sister company, Plastic Expert deals with the final movement from the regional site to the factory.

For non-recyclable waste, we also have the option of a waste-to-energy service. We provide a machine which compacts the waste into a large pallet bag, this is then collected by a contractor. This material is used for energy recovery.

Food waste is major problem throughout the world. How does Kompakt help in that regard?

We offer a range of EcoSmart machines, which come in five different sizes. What these machines do it treat and dehydrate the food waste, turning it into a compostable material about 1/5th its original size, with the waste water going down the drain! We reduce its mass, stop it going to landfill, keep the food waste away from dry recycling. Keeping food waste away from very recyclable materials is essential.

Is there a business that would be too small or too large to use your equipment?

There’s no business too large, but there are businesses that will be too small, only because they don’t produce enough waste for this to be a cost effective service. We suggest that any business with the equivalent of 4 x 1100ltr bins per week should talk to us.

From baling to waste-to-energy, Kompakt offers a wide range of services. Is there any waste removal equipment that will be available in the future?

Yes, we are looking at launching a range of glass crushing and recycling machines. These will be available within the next few months.

Kompakt allows customers to purchase, lease and even rent the equipment. What do you feel is the best solution for an average sized business interested in waste compaction?

Rental is probably the best avenue to go down. Firstly, there is no capital outlay at the start, and when you rent a machine, you see the payback instantly. This option also gives you the flexibility to upgrade or change the machine. We also provide an option where businesses can own the machine at the end of their rental, typically a small ‘peppercorn’ payment.

You also offer servicing of recycling equipment. How important is it to quickly repair this equipment for a business?

Really important, we can offer a rapid servicing, which is important, because if business are baling to deal with waste, they don’t want waste taking up space on the shop floor. Avoiding downtime is essential to make sure operations are running smoothly.

For someone considering obtaining equipment, how cost effective will it be for their business?

This goes back to the full waste audit; there is no one-size-fits-all, but one common theme that remains is that the cost of regular waste disposal is going up, and the need for increased recycling activities is also on the rise. There is always a cost and an environmental benefit to using a machine, and this must be properly evaluated.

With such a vast selection of products, how will a customer know which is appropriate for their specific situation?

We provide a free waste audit for anybody interested in reducing their business’ waste costs. We look at their current arrangements, costs, volumes and collection frequencies and find the most cost effective machine to meet their requirements.

Many businesses realize there will always be a need for waste removal. How long on average, with routine maintenance, will your equipment last?

Depending on the use of the balers and combined with a service every 6 months, a baler can last for easily 20 years if they are properly maintained. Some of our technology is so new that such information doesn’t exist regarding its life span!

What does Kompakt have over their competition within the industry?

The fact that our sister company is one of the UK’s leading plastic recycling companies. Because of this, we have expert knowledge of waste packaging recycling and how to extract the most value from different types of plastic. We also have sustainable end markets, a regional collection network, and because we don’t make the equipment ourselves, we can be unbiased when procuring machines that we believe will be most beneficial to our customers.

Do any of your products work in combination with dumpsters/skips?

Yes! For example, we’ve just been dealing with one company that were comingling all their waste in one dumpster, but now we’ve got a waste contractor to put a bin in for their wood, and the rest of the material has been baled.

What is the first step for those interested in reducing their footprint and want to work with Kompakt?

The first step is to pick up the phone and explain to us what’s going on. We need to best understand what the current system and service is and what the objectives are, then we will provide an initial waste audit to get the ball rolling.