Automobiles have been receiving the brunt of the criticism for their negative impact on the environment. However cars are now heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and consumers are offered a variety of options to limit their footprint. Well there is another device that is used by a majority of Americans, that is completely unregulated and committing a great deal of harm.

In a year of use, a single lawn mower produces the equivalency in air pollution to 43 new automobiles that have traveled 12,000 miles each. This is obviously a shocking statistic, which is even more serious considering extent of the damage is just an estimate, since lawn mowers continue to be unregulated. Since the EPA has yet to crack the whip, environmentally conscious companies are providing some solutions to the problem.

The lawn mowing industry is struggling with the same difficulties as automobiles. Many consumers are unwilling to convert to a more energy efficient product. They may not realize the environmental impact, or just may be more convenient to stick with the same product. Whatever the case may be, over 90% of all lawn mowers used in the United States are gas powered.

The most natural transition for consumers to curb their impact, without sacrificing the “American Consumption Spirit” are mulching mowers. Although still powered by gas, these mowers will help fertilize their grass organically. This product also provides an opportunity to compost the grass clipping rather than sending them to the landfill.

Just like automobiles, an electric alternative is becoming more readily available throughout the country. Unless these electric mowers are charged by solar power, they are still consuming energy at a rather high level. However they are reasonably priced, so this is an opportunity to be somewhat green.

It is rare that the initial concept for a product is also the greenest but the old-school push mower fits the mold. Consumers are rightfully hesitant to convert because they are much more costly and time consuming. Unless you want to rip up your lawn completely, the push lawn more is perfect for those who consider themselves truly green.

Recently University of California Riverside developed an innovative product that seems to be the easiest fix. Its called the NOx-Out and acts almost like a muffler for your lawn mower. Initial testing reports that 93 percent of all emissions were eliminated. For just $30, consumers can go green without purchasing a new mower.

Although the lawn mower industry is currently unregulated, the EPA is not far from becoming seriously involved. Similar to the plan for automobiles, all new lawn mowers must adhere to regulations to reduce emissions, starting in 2015. This should immediately cut down on emissions by 35% and will only exponentially increase as old mowers are “weeded” out.

Budget Dumpster encourages anyone who mows their lawn to consider switching to a more efficient process. If we are able to make the necessary environmental steps now, future generations will be able to incorporate them as the norm. Anyone interested in accomplishing an environmentally friendly waste removal project should contact Budget Dumpster!