Dumpster diving is a dirty habit. Perhaps it is a diver’s nature, since they are already willing to rummage in dumpsters and don’t care about their personal cleanliness. However, one anonymous and innovative Phoenix man has found a way to dive while keeping clean – at least keeping his clothes clean.
Since police did not catch him, we cannot ask any questions to the anonymous man that made himself at home in the dumpster and will have to make assumptions about his mindset. It is safe to assume that he was not reliving Will Ferrell’s streak in the movie Old School. His happening upon the dumpster did not seem random, since he actually changed out of his clothes and casually read a book and wandered around. It is safe to assume that the visit to the dumpster was planned, and can only imagine that his expensive clothing and undergarments were more important to keep clean than his own body.
I highly doubt that his actions will be repeated by other dumpster divers. Primarily because it is not only illegal to dive on private property but especially to do so in the buff. More applicable even to non-divers is the fact that the vast majority of humans wear clothing to get dirty in lieu of their bare skin. Honestly, I cannot fathom one legitimate reason that it was necessary for the man to get naked, but it has made news and garnered youtube fame. Last week in a Phoenix, AZ dumpster, an anonymous man was innovative in a way that may never be replicated, and even though we are temporarily entertained, we are probably better off with only one naked dumpster diver.