There is so much trash in the ocean that it is actually becoming apart of the ocean. Scientists from the University of Western Ontario have recently made a shocking discovery on the biggest island in Hawaii. Kamilo Beach is one of the trashiest shorelines in the entire world, but what was found has made it the dirtiest.

Washing up on shore, the scientist kept discovering rocks that they have never seen. After doing further research, they determined that the rock was a mixture of volcanic debris, sea shells, sand, coral, and plastic garbage. This is obviously not great news but the new kind of rock is being called “plastiglomerate.”

The Kamilo Beach is currently the only coastline where plastiglomerates are showing up. The Beach is in a unique location, center between two ocean currents. Kamilo Beach has developed a reputation of catching a variety of trash but mostly fishing gear.

After the stunning plastic rock discovery, many other research groups conducted their own study, including the Geological Society of America. They were able to conclude that the source of the pastiglomerate is likely from area residents burning trash. The melted plastic is then able to fuse with other rocks and debris on the surrounding beaches.

Since 1950 when the amount of trash in the ocean started being officially recorded, humans have added billions of tons of just plastic into our oceans. It will take over 500 years to the ocean plastic to finally decompose. Since we created this problem, we are the ones that are going to need to find the solution.

The burning of trash is an unfortunate practice around the world, so it is likely that plastiglomerates will become much more common. The trash fires of Hawaii are relatively small and researchers are very worried of what and where they may find the next “Frankenrock.”

When people burn trash it is usually out of necessity because they do not have proper waste removal resources. It is essential in order to stop the trash from going into the ocean, we must appropriately dispose it on land. As of now, Budget Dumpster does not service Hawaii but when we eventually do we will help stop the creation of these plastic rocks by providing area residents with waste removal solutions!