Last month, Operation Homefront and members of Team Depot, Home Depot’s volunteer taskforce, worked to fix up the home of a local veteran and their family in Naples, New York. Their goal was simply to install new countertops in the family’s kitchen and repair a side porch. However, the scope of the project quickly grew after it was determined that the porch needed to be replaced, requiring the disposal of a lot more materials than anticipated.

Budget Dumpster stepped up to provide a dumpster for all the debris, allowing the group to spend more time lending a hand and less time cleaning up.

Volunteers Repairing Porch.

Team Depot volunteers work to replace the home’s side porch.

The project’s leader, Jason Slattery, is the captain of his store’s Team Depot, located in nearby Victor, New York. Jason and his volunteers spent three days working on the home inside and out. In addition to replacing the porch, the team installed brand-new laminate countertops in the family’s kitchen, pictured below.

Newly Installed Kitchen Countertops.

Brand-new countertops installed in the family’s kitchen.

This project was made possible through a partnership between the Home Depot Foundation, the home improvement chain’s philanthropic arm, and Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that supports veterans through housing programs, emergency financial assistance and care services.

“We try to do at least one [project] a year in the months of September-November for a veteran,” says Jason. “We will make ourselves available for a veteran or someone in the community throughout the year. We will donate product or labor based on the needs.”

Both organizations work to improve the lives of veterans and their families with the help of dedicated volunteers like Jason and his fellow team members at the Victor Home Depot.

“I would say the most rewarding part for me as the Team Depot Captain at this store is to see a team of volunteer taking time away from their family to help another family in need. Plus, the satisfaction of giving back to our veterans and community is very rewarding for me.”
Jason Slattery | Team Depot Captain, Home Depot

Volunteers Finishing Porch Repair.

Team Depot volunteers near completion of the new porch.

The Home Depot Foundation has improved over 34,500 veteran homes and facilities and supports Operation Homefront’s efforts to repair, rehabilitate and retrofit veterans’ homes. Operation Homefront has provided $20 million in critical financial assistance to military families and placed nearly 600 families in mortgage-free homes since its founding in 2002.

Budget Dumpster is proud to have been able to help these two organizations and their volunteers make a difference.

Visit the Home Depot Foundation’s website to learn more about their work improving veteran homes and facilities. Want to pitch in to help veterans in your community? Check out Operation Homefront to donate in support of their programs. If you work for a nonprofit or organization with an upcoming cleanup project, visit our dumpster donation page to request a free dumpster.