Have you ever walked into someone’s house for the first time and thought, “This is exactly what I thought their house would look like”? Then, there is a good chance someone has had the same exact thought about your home. Most of these assumptions have to do with the overall paint color of the rooms in your house. According to our research, if your walls could talk, this is what they’d say about you.


If you gravitate towards the color yellow, you are likely a high-energy type of person. You tend to live fully and inspire others to do so as well. Yellow is an energizing color which has the ability to create and encourage stimulating conversation and a bigger appetite. Someone known to be an extrovert would most likely gravitate towards yellow paint.


People who are drawn to the color pink live with a willingness to put themselves out there. They are always looking to experience new things because they get bored easily. Of course pink is also associated with love and compassion. Since pink is usually seen as feminine color, it shows that you are connected with your feminine side more than the average male or female.

Bright Green

Someone with bright green walls is a person who lives with the “we can make it happen” mentality. These are the type of people that radiate positive energy and want to put others at ease. They are usually naturals in social interactions. If they won a superlative in high school, it would have most likely been for most outgoing.

Light Green

Light green shows that you are a good listener and allow for others to express their thoughts and feelings. You are genuinely compassionate and have an innate sense for caring for others. If you paint your room a light shade of green, people may associate it with calm, tranquil or soothing thoughts. These shades of green are easier on the eyes and usually create a sense of larger and more open spaces.


The paint color blue showcases a person with a no-nonsense type of attitude. This person is strong in their beliefs and often hold the key to their own success. They know what they want out of life and go out there and get it. You would most likely see this color in your boss’s or CEO’s house. If your rooms are all a shade of blue, I can safely assume you have all your stuff together.


Brown shows that you take things seriously and that you value the respect of those close to you. People who love rich brown paint colors are industrious and enjoy the classic look. Often, brown can be seen as a neutral color and those who gravitate towards neutrals can be viewed as practical and even-keeled. To avoid the boring look when using the color brown, it is important to add different textures.


A person with black walls can be classified as dramatic. When you choose to go with black paint for your rooms, you are most likely elegant and comfortable with formality. These people can be seen as a bit mysterious and they tend to make decisions fast and precise. They will not over-think things because they quickly understand concepts and can make things happen.