“Profiles in Environmentalism” is a recurring segment on our blog where we shine a light on the dedicated people working to preserve the world around them. Big or small, local or national, every environmental organization works towards the same goal: providing a greener world for future generations.

The Legacy Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization in Eastern Tennessee dedicated to preserving the natural areas around Knoxville. The foundation works to create recreational opportunities, natural beauty and open spaces for future generations. They work very hard to preserve natural areas while expanding the trails, parks and greenways in Eastern Tennessee.

The foundation has many different ongoing projects throughout the year. For the purposes of this blog, I will discuss one of their most popular projects known as Outdoor Knoxville. This initiative, launched in 2012, is geared towards putting Knoxville on the map as an outdoor recreational community. Outdoor Knoxville includes a new Adventure Center, a website and a three day festival.

The Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center is the most visible presence of the initiative. The building is housed in the City-owned Pavilion Building at Volunteer Landing. You can reach the building through all the trails and greenways on both sides of the Tennessee River. It is centrally located between downtown Knoxville, I-40 and the University of Tennessee. The building serves as a recreational hub for not just Knoxville, but the entire Eastern Tennessee region.

The Adventure Center also serves as an office space for the Legacy Parks Foundation. The Center provides flyers,  maps and other outdoor resources to encourage people to get outside and play. They are committed to showing  Knoxville residents and guests the beauty of the area. They want to showcase Knoxville’s urban areas such as their  greenways, parks and trails in hopes of making the community more active.

The second element to Outdoor Knoxville is their website appropriately titled, OutdoorKnoxville.com. This website  is a great resource for anyone looking to get outside and enjoy the nature of Knoxville. When you visit  OutdoorKnoxville.com you will find which parks, trails, and greenways you can visit and where they are located.  You can also discover what activities are taking place on the year-round activity calendar.

The website can give you a list of places to go based on which activity you want to pursue. When you are looking for something to do in Knoxville, OutdoorKnoxville.com is a great resource to keep in mind. They will suggest places to go fishing, hiking, rock climbing, bicycling and much more. Whether you are looking for a dog friendly trail or a place to go swimming, this website can direct you to the right spot. Adventure is out there and Outdoor Knoxville wants to make finding that adventure easier.

The third element of Outdoor Knoxville is Outdoor KnoxFest. This year’s KnoxFest was held from April 25th through April 27th at the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center and other locations around the area. This is a three-day event showcasing the city’s wilderness and promoting outdoor recreational venues. The event is open to people from all walks of life, whether you are a seasoned adventurist or you just want an opportunity to get out and play, you are welcome to join in on the fun.

The festival includes all different types of activities for adventurers of all ages and skill levels. They have events geared towards children, first-timers and people of all skill levels. Many different clinics are ranging anywhere from learning new skills such as paddle boarding, bicycling, slack lining, finding wildflowers and much more. You can find next year’s schedule of events on OutdoorKnoxville.com.

Since the Legacy Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations and sponsorships from the community. If you are looking to show your support of their work, you can become a friend of the parks with as little as a $25 donation. When you donate to the foundation, you help create more opportunities for recreation in Knoxville through improved parks, connected greenways and preserving the land and open space in the area.

There are many different ways you can show your support of this foundation, not just with monetary gifts but also by visiting their trails, parks and greenways. You can help make Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee a more active community by participating in Legacy Parks Foundations projects and initiatives. Budget Dumpster chose to showcase this extraordinary foundation because of their commitment to the environment and we wish for our readers to do the same.