Did you know that American’s waste about 40% of all food produced? Did you know there are certain stores that have policies forcing them to throw away food rather than donating it? Budget Dumpster went dumpster diving with a food waste activist in Cleveland to raise awareness against the ever growing issue known as food waste. The results of this “dive” may just shock you.

Under the cover of night Budget Dumpster representative, Sean, met food waste activist, Rob Greenfield, in Cleveland to go dumpster diving. They went to a few different grocery stores in the suburbs of Cleveland and found mounds of perfectly good produce as well as 12 packs of pop, still in their cases. They also found 4 huge boxes of bananas, 6 watermelons and even a 12 pack of beer.

dumpster food

The next morning it was time to hit the pavement again. Sean and other staff members from Budget Dumpster met Greenfield at a grocery store near Cleveland and scored some more produce. Since it was 90 degrees, the dumpsters were extra stinky, but that didn’t stop the activist. He jumped in the dumpster and found more bananas, an onion, some oranges, a pineapple and a ten pound bag of bird seed.

greenfield with bird seed

After this successful trip, we headed on out to a CVS near Cleveland. This was one of our best loads, we got all kinds of cosmetics and packaged foods. The dumpster was very full of cardboard, but Rob managed to find a bag full of bags of marshmallows, bags of boxes of crackers, lots of packaged candy, large bottles of tea, kitty litter, a cane, some face lotion and even a pair of boxer shorts. CVS is open and out about their policy about not donating food, even though they have to waste a lot of perfectly fine food. None of the food or drinks we collected from this trip was expired.

greenfield by truck

Once, we were done dumpster diving, Rob decided to go for a swim in Lake Erie. Rob prefers to bathe in natural bodies of water rather than in showers because it does not use energy nor waste water. After his swim, he returned to Budget Dumpster, where it was time to load up the truck. Once the truck was filled with lots of good dumpster food, Rob and the Budget Dumpster staff made a trip down to Public Square in Cleveland.

rob and sean

The food was displayed in the square and then Rob opened it up for anyone to take whatever they want. People were thrilled to have food given to them and they were shocked about where they came from. Greenfield hopes to bring awareness to the people across the country about how much food waste is actually perfectly edible food. Rob’s next stop will be in Pittsburgh sometime in the next week. Budget Dumpster was more than happy to help Rob on his mission and create awareness about this ever growing issue.