The Great Seed Bomb is rebuilding natural habitats in Fort Worth, using bike riding events to create urban gardens.

Jillian Jordan started The Great Seed Bomb to tackle a local ecological issue in Texas. After completing sustainability projects in Thailand, and working with graduate students at the University of North Texas back in the states, she decided to develop urban pollinator gardens to combat the decline of honeybees and native bees, all while restoring native habitats.

With three events under her belt and a fourth coming up this spring, it’s safe to say that these pollinator gardens are here to stay.

Developing a Sustainable Solution

The Great Seed Bomb creates “seed bombs” that are thrown from bikes during trail rides that end up creating urban pollinator gardens.

Going out to your backyard and planting a garden of carefully selected flowers that are your favorite color won’t do the trick. Jillian has done careful research on the subject, and only uses plants that are native to the area and non-GMO seeds.

Even the seed bombs themselves are sustainable. “All they are is compost and clay,” Jillian explains. “You just use clay powder, we use ranger red which is native, mix it with water and form a little ball in your hand. We put about five seeds inside that are a mix of wildflowers and milkweed and roll it up. They dry in the sun for 24 hours and are ready to use.”

The clay and compost are a vehicle for the seeds, which protect them from wind, animals and water runoff. They dissolve slowly in the environment via natural rainwater, while the compost helps feed the seeds.

With the help of cities and municipalities, Jillian says she is “legalizing guerrilla gardening.” The bike rides are organized and approved by the city, and seed bombs are released onto trails and parks.

Going Beyond Seed Bombs

The bike riding events held by The Great Seed Bomb are ticketed, and 50% of the money raised is donated to another community nonprofit. A few organizations who have benefited in the past include Lewisville Lake and Friends of Tandy Hills, Native Prairie Association of Texas and River Activation for the Trinity in Dallas.

“Each campaign that we do is hyper local, everything is native to that area and the money we raise goes to a local organization.”
Jillian Jordan | The Great Seed Bomb

Keep an eye out in your community for an upcoming seed bomb event. “Our ultimate goal is to spread this all across the United States,” says Jillian. She is currently planning rides in Denver, Houston and Iowa in the near future. See if there is an event near you, or get inspired to start an urban garden in your community.

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