Budget Dumpster is in support of any trash can because it not only keeps us in business, but also ensures people are properly removing their unwanted materials. We have complied a list of the top trash cans that are currently on the market. Our love for trash removal is so vast that creating this list was rather difficult, however we were still able to deliver the best in the garbage business. Hopefully soon, one of these garbage bins will be helping you take out the trash!

The Ovetto Recycled Recycling Bin

Italian designed to provide a stylish, yet simple way to sort trash and of course recycle. The trash can itself is made from over 70% recycled materials, which is its best selling point. With colored coded compartments, those who use this bin have no excuse to not recycle. Although there are some options for the colors, you’d better be in love with this trash can because it is going to set you back $275.

Eva Solo Bin

This sleek design is offered in a variety of sizes so that it can be utilized in many rooms. As you can see in the video, this trash can is all about the lid. It is extremely versatile by being able to be opened from any direction. The lid even comes completely off to be used as a tool to clean up. This trash bin can be yours for just under $200.

Renew Recycling Bin

Over 100 of these innovative trash cans have been installed in London. This bin promotes recycling, but its main purpose is advertising. The Renew is wi-fi enabled, which  constantly changes the various advertisements. More recently, some of these recycling bins have been equipped with technology to track smart phones. Although this will allow marketers to zero in on its target demographics, it has yet to be fully taken advantage of to reach its full potential.


This trash can takes the cake as the most simplistic and it does not sacrifice any effectiveness. Not only can it work with any bags, but also provides additional room for those heavier loads. Getting your hands on an actual Flexibin is very difficult, however it is relatively easy to make your own. Don’t be afraid to create your own version of the Flexibin for your home or office.

Recycling Garbage Dump

This trash can was designed to increase recycling efforts with children, but is great for all ages. When something is thrown away, a song plays to reward the disposer. All of the compartments are detachable to make for easy disposal. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty cool.

The Cuum

If a trash can were ever to mate with a dust bin, The Cuum would be the result. Short for “vacuum,” this product provides the normal waste removal, but also much, much more. The bottom is very similar the technology in a vacuum, allowing for waste to be pushed under and then it will suck it up. This is a great time saver and you will never have to bend over again.

The Simplehuman Sensor Can

This is a beautiful garbage can, that adds the perfect amount of technology. Using motion sensors, you never need to touch the can to throw anything away. It is pretty slick and delivers everything you need and more when using a trashcan. Pick one up for yourself at just $130.

R2D2 Garbage Can

The Star Wars themed trash receptacle is available in variety of prices and you can even make one for yourself. Some are more detailed than others, but all still fulfill your waste removal needs. Show off your geeky side for as little as $25 all the way up to $150.

Basketball Trash Can

Now we all have acted like Michael Jordan when throwing something away. Now you can really feel like MJ by using this basketball hoop to take care of your trash. Great for any office, this will keep your space clean while you work on your game.

Big Belly Solar Trash Cans

This is the trash can of the future and has been appearing in many public places throughout the United States. This can compacts the trash and sends reports when it is reaching capacity. This saves cities buckets of money by reducing unnecessary trash collection by 80%. Although these trash cans have a hefty price tag, cities are able to make their money back in just a year.

Some times trash cans are just not enough for a waste removal job. If this is the case, contact Budget Dumpster to have an affordable roll off dumpster rental delivered to your location. Some of the trash cans that were featured above cost much more than the rental of a dumpster.