New York City: This story drew international attention about a person who has worked for the sanitation department for over 25 years. Lenworth Dixon works primarily as a garbage man and was removing a great deal of materials from a home in Queens. After going out of his way to complete his job, Dixon received a tip of $20 from the resident.

According to NYC regulations, receiving tips is against policy and Dixon was immediately fired and fined $1,500. This policy was originally implemented when organized crime was strongly associated with the waste removal industry.

“He’s not a thief, you know, they could give him a warning, but to fire him? This sounds like a set up,” Dixon’s landlady Erma McPhatter.

Oakland, CA: Gregory Kloehn is most well known for living in a tricked out New York City dumpster during his summer but now is getting recognition for providing housing to homeless people. Kloehn recovers unwanted materials and garbage to repurpose them into various shelters.

His homelessness project is gaining a lot of support and is resulting in many shelters. This is also receiving attention because of how trendy the shelters look. Not only will these tiny homes provide protection but also are making greater Oakland very fashionable.

Los Angeles, CA: Well-known actress Vanessa Hudgens is getting deep into character for her upcoming film Gimme Shelter directed by Daniel Day-Lewis. Hudgens will portray a run-away that needs to overcome a variety of obstacles including homelessness.

For her role research, Hudgens tried eating directly from a Los Angeles area dumpster. Even with paparazzi hot on her trail, she went through with the dumpster diving but plans to do some less publicized research in the future.

Finland: A company called Enevo has developed a product that aims to save waste removal services money by increasing efficiency. The product is a small sensor that can be placed in dumpsters, trashcans or any waste container to monitor its fullness.

The levels can be constantly analyzed online and will save companies from making unnecessary trips to unload containers that are not even full. Enevo claims the savings will be easily over 40% every year. Also companies will drastically reduce fuel costs and emissions.