The Complete Guide to Austin Recycling and Waste Disposal

Find an Austin Recycling Center for Your Debris

When you’re completing a project at home or on a job site, you’re going to have a lot of waste to get rid of. Not all of it has to go to the landfill. Keep your project sustainable by finding a recycling center in Austin that accepts your type of debris.  

This guide will show you how to responsibly dispose of a variety of materials, either by finding a recycling drop-off location in Austin or a place to donate unwanted items.

Automotive Waste | Construction & Remodeling Debris | Electronics & Appliances | Household Items

Automotive Waste

There are many types of automotive waste that landfills don't allow, which means you can't drop them in your trash can. Some of them are even toxic to the environment. Use this list to find an option for automotive recycling in Austin.


Car Batteries

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Batteries contain lead and other toxic metals that can leech into soil and water sources and are not allowed in landfills. When your car battery conks out, don’t toss it in the trash. Find a recycling center near you.



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Tires are not allowed in most landfills because they can damage ventilation pipes and other infrastructure. Find an Austin recycling center that accepts tires when you need to get rid of them.



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Gasoline should only be disposed of if it’s too old to safely be used as fuel. Because it’s highly flammable, gas should never be disposed of with normal household waste or mixed with other automotive fluids.


Motor Oil & Automotive Fluids

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Used motor oil and lubricants cannot be tossed in the trash, poured down a drain, or mixed together. Use the resources below to get rid of them safely.


Scrap Cars

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If you need to get rid of an old car, you can donate it to support the missions of various Austin charities. 

Construction & Remodeling Debris

Construction projects produce a lot of waste. You can conserve both landfill space and vital resources by finding an Austin recycling center that accepts your type of debris.



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Old shingles can be thrown away in many places, but they can also be recycled. Used shingles can be recycled into asphalt pavement, while shingles that haven’t been significantly damaged can be reused by other homeowners.



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Whether you’re tearing up old carpet to enjoy the wood floor underneath or to swap in a new pattern, you can find recycling centers in Austin that accept carpet instead of sending it to the landfill.


Paint, Paint Thinner & Paint Cans

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Paint and paint thinner cannot be sent to the landfill. Use the list below to find a disposal solution for paint. 

Empty cans of latex-based paints should be allowed to dry out and then placed with the trash because they cannot be recycled.


Scrap Metal

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Scrap metal is recyclable and can even make you a few extra bucks. Instead of tossing it, find a place that will recycle it or buy it from you.

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Electronics & Appliances

Electronic waste is one of the largest waste categories in the nation. Between sheer volume and the chemicals used to create them, it’s important to recycle electronics whenever possible.



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Computers can be recycled once they are past their prime. Find an Austin electronics recycling facility near you when you need to get rid of a computer. 



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Cellphones contain chemicals that shouldn’t end up in landfills. When you finish with yours, find a recycling drop-off in Austin where your phone can get a new life.



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Besides glass and plastic, TVs also contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium that are hazardous. Whenever possible, donate or recycle televisions instead of throwing them in the garbage. Use the list below to find a location for TV recycling in Austin. 



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Major appliances like ovens, refrigerators and washing machines are often not accepted in dumpsters or landfills. Dispose of your used appliance by finding a recycling center in Austin.

Household Items

It can be easy to think of household items as trash when you no longer want them, but there are plenty of Austin-area recycling centers that accept household odds and ends. 



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Mattresses aren’t allowed in many landfills because they contain springs or foam that can’t be compressed. Find a place for mattress recycling in Austin or try breaking it down yourself. 



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Tossing old clothes is easy but you do have other options for clothing recycling in Austin. Clothes in good shape can be donated, while clothes that are well worn should be recycled.


Food Waste

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Food is one of the largest waste categories for any city. Repurpose your food waste by finding a composting service near you.


Paper & Plastic

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Paper and plastic recycling in Austin is easy. Simply request a blue curbside recycling container and place your recyclables inside before your scheduled collection day. A few notes:

  • Rinse out plastic food containers before placing them in recycling.
  • Remove any metal bits from plastic recyclables.
  • Only recycle hard plastics. Plastic wrap and plastic baggies are prohibited.

For more information, consult the complete list of items accepted in the single-stream recycling program.



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Expired and unused medications can be toxic to the environment, especially if they get into the water supply. Whenever possible, medications should be disposed of at designated drop-off facility.

If you can’t make it to the location below, do not drop your medications straight into the trash. Instead, pour them from their original bottles into a disposable container with a lid, such as a coffee can. If possible, mix the medications with an undesirable substance like coffee grounds or cat litter. Place the disposable container in the trash. 



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Medical waste, like syringes and needles, can spread disease or cause injury if improperly disposed of. To safely dispose of sharps, place syringes, sharps or needles inside a sturdy plastic container with a lid, such as an empty laundry detergent or bleach bottle. Once full, screw the lid on tightly and seal with duct tape. Label the container with the type of waste inside, then place it in your trash. Do not use a glass or see-through plastic container. Do not place your container with recycling.

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Additional Disposal Facilities in Austin

If you can't find a recycling center in Austin for your specific debris, use this list of area landfills and transfer stations to find a location where you can safely dispose of your waste.

Recycle and Reuse Drop-Off Center

2514 Business Center Dr., Austin TX


Travis County Landfill

9600 Fm 812, Austin, TX       


Austin Community Landfill

9900 Giles Ln., Austin, TX              


TDS Landfill

3016 FM 1327, Creedmoor, TX


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