Big construction news for the Halls Building in Kansas City, which is also known as Plaza 211. Country Club Plaza is getting a makeover, but don’t worry, all of the upgrades are being done with the building’s wonderful design in mind. Highwoods Properties is helming the redevelopment, as part of their 15-year commitment to investing in the community. They have no plans to change the existing architecture that the city has loved for so long.

The Plaza was conceived in the 1920s by one Jesse Clyde to be an authentic replica of the architecture that can be found in Seville, Spain. The original Plaza 211 was constructed around 60 years ago and is a great source of pride in the city. The renovations will add retail stores and a pedestrian-friendly shopping experience on the street level.

Construction began on the project in 2014, and the first stores are anticipated to open later this year. The outdoor area of the renovation will include outdoor seating for restaurants, paved crosswalks with decoration, and convenient parking areas. The total number of parking spaces will go from 660 up to approximately 750.

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Source: KSHB Kansas City

Image Source: Wikipedia