The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the city that never stops partying. An enterprising man by the name of Steve Cherry, a Southern California native, has started a brand new company right by the Las Vegas Strip. His business model introduces a novel approach to recycling and reusing discarded products, primarily glass bottles and oak barrels.

The name of the company is Bottles & Wood and their game plan is to recycle as many old liquor, wine, and beer bottles as they can get their hands on. They currently have agreements with several bars and restaurants in the city that allow them to buy up a portion of their discarded bottles. They then cut these bottles down for use as fancy-looking glasses that bear the logos of many popular beverage makers. These glasses are then put up for sale on the company’s website, as well as distributed to local shops andlas vegas trash in dumpsterstourist destinations.

Bottles & Wood also has connections to the wine-making industry. They buy up old wine casks from vineyards and use the wood to fashion trays, bowls, and a slew of other items.

Las Vegas’ status as the party capital of the nation has resulted in quite a large surplus of discarded bottles; meaning Bottles & Wood have a virtually limitless supply of new materials. For the city itself, this is a win all around. Not only do less glass bottles end up in Las Vegas dumpsters, but it also opens a new market for goods on the Strip and across the country.

It’s this kind of innovative thinking that drives American entrepreneurship. Where everyone else sees trash, an exceptional few see profit. Maybe the next time you’re throwing your junk into your roll off dumpster you’ll be struck with a new money-making idea. It certainly worked for Mr. Cherry!