There are several ways that one could view the trash in a dumpster. The most obvious way is simply as trash, which really can’t be argued since it is correct by definition. Others however, see an environmental waste of sortable and recyclable goods. Those more innovative see it in a truly unique light, as not only recyclable goods that can be sorted at a facility, but goods that can be converted into sellable consumer products. Such is the case of  Steve Cherry of Bottles & Wood.

Upcycled Grey Goose BottlesSteve Cherry had a hobby of working in a shop in Southern California and creating candle holders out of old liquor bottles. Humble beginnings which blossomed into opportunity when he realized the demand for his creations. He had taken what is otherwise considered as trash or a recyclable, and created something that people desired! So where can a man from California go to find a never-ending plethora of trash, that can be used as free inventory for his creations? The shiny strip in the middle of the desert that creates more trash, and especially bottles, than any other mile long stretch in the entire country.

Las Vegas is home to 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels, and each hotel is home to multiple bars and restaurants that fly through millions of bottles per month. Steve Cherry isn’t rifling through trash cans, but rather offering a recycling service of sorts to major hotels and bars which ends up saving them disposal costs by not sending their trash to a landfill. Not only are the products ingenious, but the method by which the raw material inventory is acquired is innovative unto itself. Any entrepreneur entering the consumer goods market would be wise to take notes from Bottles & Wood, as they seem to be working hard and smart.