The streets of the Las Vegas strip are not made for children. A recipe for a dumpster fire is mixing children with drunks, drunks that just lost money, anyone that just lost money, women of the night, or people handing out flyers for women of the night. There are a lot of reasons why they call it sin city, and any city with such a nickname is only fit for adults. Those responsible for city planning, however, realize the loss in potential revenue from families unwilling to travel with children, so they have devised a brilliant remedy: build a giant water park.

How do you put out a dumpster fire? Splash it with water from 25 slides and attractions. The $50 million water park, Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas, will feature just that, as it follows the ‘Bigger is Better’ mantra that seems to resonate throughout Las Vegas. It will be a state of the art water park spanning 41 acres, and will provide entertainment for both adults and families alike. This ingenious idea, which for whatever reason is just now being introduced to an entertainment mecca like Las Vegas, is backed by celebrities such as Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and will feature something called a ‘Rattler Slide’.

Families can begin booking their trips to Las Vegas in May 2013, at which point Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas will be open for business. It will not only be a great way to bear the intense summer heat as well as avoiding dumpster fires on the Las Vegas strip for generations to come.