We all know Las Vegas as Sin City, and I’m not here to try to change the nickname. However, just because you decide to gamble and drink does not make you a sinner, or maybe I just have a loose definition of what it takes to be a sinner. Regardless of my tangent, my point here is that if you don’t want to give in to the mantra of Sin City, know that you are inescapably trapped in what I believe is the Hoarding Capitol of the World.

Just like sinning, hoarding encompasses a variety of definitions, all of which are specifically applicable in a city like Las Vegas. The most obvious, of course, is the hoarding epidemic that has recently affected the Western suburb of Summerlin with the worst case officials have ever seen. A man had a hoarding case in his home that was so bad, the smell reached neighbors and those walking their dogs down the street. (A general rule for acceptable cleanliness is that if dogs are repulsed by the smell of your home, you have a problem). When approached, the man refused to clean up his home, and the city was forced to step in. Over a weeks time, 20 workers removed 6 refrigerators full of liquefied food that qualified as hazardous debris, 9 dead cats and 33 others that were barely living, and what amounted to one storage unit of fumigated furniture and goods not considered trash, which the homeowner is able to reclaim once the damage control has been paid. Overall, the rest of the debris filled 29 truckloads, which would constitute anywhere from 10-20 dumpster rentals, depending on the size. This case of hoarding is the most obvious and horrific, but just one example of Las Vegas’ new classification.

The aforementioned man was hoarding citations, nearly 8 of them, before finally having to give in to city officials and clean his house. Similarly, anyone that steps foot into a casino in Las Vegas does their best to hoard chips, while the pitt bosses and dealers apply their own selfish means to gather their beloved chips. You can argue that the ultimate hoarder in the city is the almost 200,000 slot machines that consume coins at a staggering rate and very seldom relinquish their prizes (much like the hoarder when he refused to leave his property). Even the celebrities that come to down are helpless against the pull to hoard, as they hog the penthouse suites, service staffs and even horses. That’s right, horses. You may know that Shania Twain is set to begin a new show this December, and in making her grand entrance to the Las Vegas strip, she shut down the street and rode in on horseback, while a hoarded herd of 40 other horses filled the street behind her.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a sinner, there is no escaping the pull of the ‘Hoarding Capitol of the World.’