Unlike the Voyager project, which has been canned in that lonely dumpster of yesteryear, there are currently two major Ferris wheels going up on the Vegas strip that appear to be scheduled for completion. Leave it to Sin City to need not one, but two mammoth wheels of delight within a few miles of each other.

There is the High Roller (or LINQ) which has recently gotten underway and is being developed by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. For a company that specializes in high-class casinos across the US as well as Canada and International locations, it’s big news that they would be breaking into other forms of attractions. This structure will stand at 550 feet, and be the world’s tallest observation wheel. With 28 air-conditioned bubble cabins able to hold 40 people at a time, each 30-minute revolution would be able to service 1,100 people. A few miles south down the Strip is the LINQ’s competition, the Skyvue Ferris wheel.

The Skyvue is estimated to be 50 feet shorter than the LINQ and although multiple heights have been quoted over the course of its production, 500 seems to be the number they have decided on. Both, however, will be taller than the London Eye which clocks in at 443 feet. Comparatively, the Singapore Flyer is 541 feet and the Star of Nanchang in China is 525 feet.

Both the LINQ and the Skyvue will forever change the skyline of Vegas, towering over the hotels and casinos and commanding a view of the entire area. The Skyvue, while being shorter and over $200 million cheaper will also include a 50,000 square foot double-sided LED sign boasting some of the World’s largest advertising space. According to Skyvue developer Howard Bulloch, “Every airplane that flies in and out of Vegas will fly past the wheel. And everyone who takes their picture in front of the Las Vegas sign will have our wheel in the background.” So despite the size difference, the LINQ may not be as well known in the long run.

The Skyvue will have exterior ground-level signage with 18,000 square foot LED displays along with another 4,000 square feet of interior signage. Both will have major retail space, the Skyvue boasting 140,000 square feet and the LINQ a whopping 200,000. Both will also house convention areas for events like concerts and product launches. Each wheel is currently slated for a 2013 completion date and they have certainly helped to boost the rates of dumpster rentals in Las Vegas over the past few years and will for the coming months. There is a great deal of waste removal required for this project, with roll-off dumpsters being a strong force in the cleanup effort.