Let’s get into a little forensic psychology. When you think of Reno, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I’d say it is unanimous that the list of possibilities consists of gambling, casinos, illicit activities, partying, bright lights, the desert, or the show Reno 911. Sadly missing from the list is the charm that the biggest little city in the world offers to tourists.

Contrary to popular belief, Reno is not filled with gamblers, drunks and prostitutes – at least not completely filled. Reno has a thriving industry built on tourism, and is not only a popular tourist destination but more popular as a short term point of interest for those traveling in the region. Reno’s location is probably its strongest asset, aside from legalized gambling, as it has become a common stop en route to many of America’s finest tourist destinations. While Las Vegas will always be more popular for those seeking the night life offered in Reno, the former can also never be visited as a brief stop on a vacation to Lake Tahoe, Sonoma County wine tours or even parts of Northern California. In fact, if you are going to Tahoe or Sonoma county, Reno is probably going to be your most cost effective means of travel given the proximity of its airport to such popular destinations.

If you have never been blacklisted from Las Vegas and in need of an outlet for your gambling addiction, or want to relive your most popular episodes of Reno 911, or you can honestly tell me that you would not love to enjoy one night of gambling and partying en route to a relaxing vacation in Tahoe, then perhaps Reno is not the city for you. But if you are like many tourists who love their gambling in small doses, and are looking for a spot that can accommodate a night of fun as well as a route to a vacation destination, then Reno is a charming little big town that is commonly underrated as a tourist attraction that may fit your needs.