Making a tiki torch out of a mason jar is very simple and requires only a few supplies and about 4 very simple steps. If you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of mason jars, go ahead and try turning them into tiki torches. Here is what you’ll need:


    • Mason Jars with Lids
    • Citronella Torch Fuel
    • Long Wicks

The first step in making a tiki torch out of a mason jar is to punch a hole into the lid, large enough for the wick. You can make this hole with a hammer and a nail or a drill and a drill bit. Make sure the hole is not too large for the wick to fall through. Then, you will want to push the wick through the hole in the lid.

Next, if you are reusing mason jars, you will want to take the labels off. You can easily remove labels with baking soda and olive oil. Simply mix these two ingredients together and then spread evenly all over the jars. Let the jars sit for a few minutes and then wipe them clean. Once the labels are off, wash the jars in hot soapy water and then let them dry completely.

Once you have your dry and clean mason jars, you can fill them ½ – ¾ full with the citronella oil. Screw the lid with the wick back on the jar and wait for a few minutes for the oil soak the wick. After you have waited for a few minutes, light the wick and watch it burn.

Remember that the jars will be very hot once they are lit, so do not touch them or have children near the flames. It may be best to keep these candles out of reach of young fingers and hands. When you are looking for a way to recycle mason jars, this can be a great option. Check out more DIY projects on our blog!

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