Master bedroom makeover ideas to create a relaxing home away from the rest of your home.

Your bedroom isn’t just for sleeping anymore. Today, there’s a growing trend toward bedroom renovations that treat your room like a hotel suite—a multipurpose space that remains relaxing no matter what else you use it for. Read on to find remodeling ideas you can use for a master bedroom makeover that will transform your room into a luxurious “home away from the rest of your home.”

Areas to Add to Your Bedroom Makeover

How you go about remodeling your bedroom into a multi-purpose space will depend on your own lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular non-sleep elements for you to consider:

Work Area

Whether it’s a spot where you’ll work from home or one where you’ll handle household paperwork, a work area is a handy addition to any bedroom makeover. You can keep this area from undermining the relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom by avoiding desks that are too utilitarian. Instead, consider a small table or stand that matches the style of your other bedroom furnishings.

Incorporating a work area into a bedroom makeover.

Image: Decor Pad

Breakfast Nook

What could be better than enjoying a cozy breakfast in the comfort of your own bedroom? Keep in mind that making a breakfast nook part of your master bedroom remodel doesn’t have to mean a traditional table and chairs. You could create a comfy window seat where you can spend your breakfast basking in the sun. You could use stands that can be set up next to your bed and breakfast like you’re on vacation every day. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

Incorporating a breakfast nook to your bedroom remodel.

Image: Zanita

Coffee Bar

Even if you’re not big on breakfast, chances are you still need your morning coffee. When you don’t have to trudge to the kitchen to prepare it, you might find yourself saving enough time in the morning to sit down and savor your caffeine fix instead of chugging it as you run out the door. You can create a stylish, functional coffee bar with any shelf or stand that’s large enough to hold your coffeemaker and other accessories.

Incorporating a coffee bar into your bedroom makeover.

Image: Studio One Thirteen

Renovate Your Bedroom Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is key to any bedroom renovation. Current trends for master bedrooms are all about wood floors. Wood flooring makes any room feel more luxurious and sophisticated. However, wood floors can also be cold, and cold is the enemy of a cozy bedroom. So, add rich rugs in front of or inside your closet, under your desk, breakfast table and coffee bar, and any other area where you’ll need a little extra comfort for your feet.

A bedroom remodel with wood flooring and rich rugs

Image: Home Stratosphere

Makeover Your Closet

No master bedroom makeover would be complete without updating your closet. For reach-in closets, current trends are moving toward an “open design.” To achieve this look, remove your closet’s door or curtain and install a storage system made up of drawers and cabinets. This allows your closet to be “open”—and allows your storage system to act as a decorative element—without forcing you to keep your closet perfectly clean at all times.

For walk-in closets, the trend is moving toward using separate storage systems for each partner. This way, each person can create an organizational system that makes sense for their specific needs. For both walk-in and reach-in closets, textured cabinets and drawers make a stylish contrast with the softness of most other bedroom furnishings.

Adding an open closet to a master bedroom makeover.

Image: Yorkville Design Centre

Color and Décor Ideas to Complete Your Bedroom Makeover

The final step in your master bedroom remodel is to find the right color and décor to cement this space as a stress-free oasis. Perhaps more than any other room in your home, your bedroom should reflect your personal style, so choose whatever color you like. But because your bedroom is where you go to unwind, make it a hue of that color that you find particularly relaxing. Current color trends for master bedrooms favor light greens, creams and soft purples—soothing colors that create a peaceful atmosphere.

Bedroom makeover with soft green walls.

Image: Woodeso

To update your décor, consider having a custom headboard made, choosing a shape and a material that complements your style. You can even design your headboard to include features like cubbies where you can add decorative elements or store nighttime essentials like books, sleep masks, medicines etc. Getting a custom headboard is usually cheaper than buying a new bed frame and you’ll be able to ensure that you get exactly what you envision.

Completing a bedroom remodel with a custom headboard.

Image: Willie’s Wood Art

Using your own unique combination of these ideas, your master bedroom makeover will leave you with a space that makes a luxury hotel room seem overrated. When you’re ready to get to work, we’re here to help you clean up your remodeling debris with an affordable dumpster rental. Brag about your bedroom transformation in the comments!