At Gainesville High School, two juniors came together to invent a clever way to collect and reduce E-waste.

Prior to the juniors coming up with a way to collect E-waste, they researched the effects that it has on the environment. They also conducted a survey involving their peers. The survey’s results had shown that many students weren’t knowledgeable about the results of E-waste whatsoever.

When the two juniors, Sara Brown and Iridian Pacheco were through with their research, they were astonished by the results. They didn’t realize the profound impact that E-waste has on the environment.

The girls then decided to come up with a way to collect E-waste, knowing that many students just throw their electronics away without any worry. Brown and Pacheco found a box behind the school’s cafeteria and turned it into a tree with a hole in it for people to toss their unwanted electronics. So far, in just a week’s time, they have collected 15 old cellphones and hope to collect much more by going to local businesses.

Brown and Pacheco had also gone around and explained E-waste and its affects to the rest of the school. They want to encourage everyone to dispose of their E-waste properly and to be aware of what it can do to the environment.

The E-waste collected will be disposed of properly through the Georgia Power’s electronic recycling program. However, the girls are still considering taking the still functional cellphones gathered to a domestic violence center for women to use in emergency situations.

Proper waste disposal is always important. Whether it is E-waste or another hazardous material, it will need to be disposed of with special care that only specific waste disposal centers can provide. You mustn’t toss away electronics, oil, fuel, tires, paint, or any other hazardous materials into a regular dumpster or trash can.

There are plenty of hazardous waste centers and recycling programs in and around Atlanta, GA to take advantage of. Brown and Pacheco are trying to make everyone in the community aware of that, while collecting E-waste items themselves and properly having them disposed of.